The field of online casinos, betting and gambling in general is charged with a special energy. There are many myths, traditions and unspoken rules around it. Someone prefers to think that he or she is in control of the situation and cold calculation is the main assistant in the game. Someone believes in superstitions and traditions and relies on them. Well, let’s figure it out: is it possible to find lucky gambling days?[1] 

Traditions and superstitions exist not only in Arizona, but all over the world. Let’s see what examples of such superstitions there are.

Certain clothes or accessories

Certain colors or symbols at all times act as something magical and fascinating for superstitious people. So it also works with the casino. For example, the red color attracts good luck when playing roulette. Whether it is true or not is up to you. But girls wearing red lipstick or a red dress in a casino are unlikely to abandon this tradition. By the way, this applies not only to regular casinos, but also to Arizona Online Casinos. After all, nothing prevents you from looking like anything during online games!

After all, the casino has a strong energy, so if you are reassured by a certain color, you should use superstition in your favor.

The requirement to change the dealer or slot machine

Some players believe that if a gambler is unlucky, he or she should change the dealer, the slot machine or other conditions during the gambling process. It sounds like a claim or a serious superstition, but in fact it’s probably just shifting responsibility. Agree, the outcome of the game depends on many factors, which are often impossible to influence.

Numbers and figures

Numbers and figures are strong symbols for those who believe in superstition. Often the numbers are much more verbose for such players. Therefore, they prefer to avoid certain numbers or combinations in roulette or other games.

Many people know or have heard about the failure that haunts the number 13. Recall at least the cult that developed in the West with Friday the 13th. Moreover, in some airlines and hotels there is no number “13” in the numbering and documentation. It seems that many casino fans, and in particular roulette, also take it seriously.

If we talk about Eastern culture, many people there are skeptical about the number “4″. The thing is that “4” in Chinese sounds like the word “death”. Many gambling players try to avoid the four in their combinations because of this fact.

As for the poker game, the most popular superstition in combination is the “dead man’s hand”. The history of this term is so rich that it seems that even today it continues to grow with new rumors. The fact is that in the middle of the 19th century in the wild West, during a poker game, one of the players was killed, who had a combination with two aces and two eights in his hands – all black. Despite the fact that this combination is quite strong, many players prefer to discard it due to superstition. Since it is an omen of death.

Blowing dice

Probably, this superstition is the most popular and most memorable in popular culture, when the character of some movie blows his fist for good luck, holding dice. Actually, everything is simple to the point of banality. Players do this to charge the item with their energy.

Part of this superstition entered the culture when some tried to pull off a trick. The players glued one part of the dice, and when they blew, this glue was heated and glued to the table. So the opposite side of the cube turned out to be at the top.

It is obvious that now there are enough video cameras and staff in all gaming halls who keep order in the hall. Such violations of the rules are not beneficial to anyone, as they are easy to notice. However, superstition by warming up the dice with your breath is still extremely popular in Arizona and other gambling spaces of the world.

A well-known proverb

Perhaps almost everyone who has ever gambled, whether it’s a complicated Texas Hold’em or a regular card game, has heard the comforting phrase after losing: “lucky at cards, unlucky in love”.

Probably the one who said it for the first time could have noted that his winning opponent had problems in his personal life. But this is just a guess. Even if you are lucky or you have shown skill in gambling, this does not mean that you will have problems with your loved one.

To believe or not to believe in superstitions is a matter for every player not only in Arizona, but everywhere in the world. One thing is for sure: “all means are good in war,” which means that if you believe in luck and it helps you, then you should use it! Big wins and regular attendance, good luck to you!