Online casinos are all the rave, and they have the technology to back them up. There’s blockchain technology that ensures your online activities are safe. Artificial intelligence (AI) that can personalize your gaming experience, and virtual reality casinos that immerse you in the heart of the game.

Players must be cautious to avoid the risk of cyber-attacks and mismanaging their money. Here are six ways you can use current casino gaming technology to ensure your online activities remain safe and healthy.

Top six tech tools to ensure a safe online casino experience

Every casino gamer needs to use the available technologies and practices to ensure they are gaming responsibly and safely. Below, we discuss six of the best ways you can use tech tools to create a safe gaming environment:

Set limits

As an online gamer, you could spend more resources than planned and there are effective ways to manage your resources online. One of the ways to do this is to set betting limits by utilizing strategies like flat betting systems. This involves wagering the same amount of money on each bet. If you had a bankroll of $200 and you flat-bet 1% of it, you’ll bet $2 every time. This keeps your bets consistent and stretches out your bankroll.

Another method would be to set a daily, weekly, or monthly limit on how much you’re willing to spend on gaming or how much you’re willing to lose. The former is your deposits, and the latter is your loss limits. Loss limits are a gauge that tells you when to stop. You should make a point of setting realistic limits.

Use responsible gaming tools

In addition to deposit and loss limits, there are tons of responsible gaming tools you can find at online casinos. Some casinos may offer you session time limits, where you can specify how long you would like to be logged in. The casino sends you a pop-up message when that time is near, and you get logged out once you’ve reached the limit. Casinos can also provide reality checks or reminders of how long you’ve been playing. While this doesn’t log you out, it calls you back to reality.

Consider cool-off periods and self-exclusion

A cool-off and self-exclusion serve similar uses. Online casinos offer cool-off periods for when you need to take a break from gaming. It’s usually for a relatively short period, from several hours to weeks. During cool offs, you won’t be able to deposit funds into your account or log in to wager.

Self-exclusion is similar but is typically for a more extended period. To do this, you’ll send your name and information to the casino and the regulatory body that governs gambling in your area. In return, they add your name to the list of people who aren’t allowed to gamble.

This would make you ineligible to wager at that casino or any other within that jurisdiction. You can self-exclude yourself temporarily or permanently, depending on how long you want to go without playing.

Embrace two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication is a double-layered security option that can protect your online casino account. Like most online security, two-factor authentication asks for your username and password and a second proof of identity. This could be a piece of information that only you know, like the name of your first car or your mother’s maiden name. It could also be something you have on hand, like a text verification code or a physical token. This ensures that only you can access the account.

Try technology and software tools

Many third-party software options can help you manage or restrict your access to gambling sites. Tools like GamBan and Betfilter are designed to block gambling websites. They stop you from using your device to gamble online, regardless of where you are in the world — whether it’s on a spring break vacation or eating lunch in your office cafeteria. It’s another layer of protection for bettors looking to limit their online gambling activities.

Regularly update passwords

Yes, changing your passwords can be a hassle; however, changing your passwords can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your account. Sometimes, your account may have been compromised, and the hacker is only waiting for the right time. Changing your password kicks them out, and using a strong password ensures that they stay kicked out.

If you struggle with changing and managing passwords, consider using a password manager like DashLane, NordPass or 1Password to create and store your passwords for each account. That way, you only need to remember your management password.

Play online safely

It is important when going online to keep safety in mind, particularly when any personal information is being shared. There are many ways you can take precautions with online safety and all online players should ensure that they use the security systems available to them.