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December 20, 2019

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Types of employment laws

Whether you are an employee or the head of a human resources department, you need to be aware of the employment laws in your state. Making sure these requirements are obeyed ensures that the workplace is productive and workers are content. Here are a few of the more common laws.


As Levitt LLP employment lawyer will tell you, if a worker is denied opportunities because of their race, age, gender, religion, or disability, it can be considered discrimination. Facilities should be adjusted to accommodate employees who could have issues using them. Employees are also exempt from a supervisor’s revenge if they complain about the superior’s actions. You will need to look into the specific laws for discrimination in your state if you have a concern about this.


If someone torments you because of a disability you have, your gender, your sexual preference, your religion, the country you are from, or your age you might be suffering from harassment. This can include teasing, physical abuse, or name-calling. If the actions are sexual in nature, it can mean derogatory comments, unwanted touching, or a superior member of the staff offering a bonus in exchange for sex. If you report any sort of harassment, those in authority, as well as your co-workers, are unable to act against you.

Family Medical Leave Act

This Family Medical Leave Act protects employees in the event that they fall ill for an extended period of time or their family member does. This also applies if the person who gets sick is in the military or if you are home with a newborn or newly adopted child. You can take this leave without your employee retaliating against you. However, you will probably be unpaid for it. You or your employer can research the requirements for this if the need arises.

Unsafe Working Conditions

By law, your employer must provide you with a safe place to work. They should provide you with the equipment you need to perform your job with little injury. If there is an incident in the workplace, the details must be recorded carefully. Any questions you may have should be referred to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. This organization also performs inspections of larger corporations to ensure the well being of the workers. If a business violates any of OSHA’s laws, the government can hand down fines against the offending company to protect the employees.