December 18, 2019

AZ Big Media

Workplace checklist: Would a serviced office suit your business goals?

What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months and beyond? As we’re now into a new year and new decade, it’s time to get those goals down on paper (or archived in binary), and start working towards them every day.

However, what about where you work right now? Could you do with a redesign of your office space? A better reception area? A new meeting room? How does the environment in which you work mold the way you work? Here’s why more and more businesses are realizing the goal-gaining benefits of serviced office spaces.

Serviced growth available

If one of your key objectives is growth, then it makes absolute sense to consider a serviced office. Many serviced office providers are ideally set up for businesses that either aim to grow or anticipate growth – something you’d be hard-pushed to achieve if you’re already at the limit of your office space.

So, if you’re planning on adding a few bodies to your rota or expanding a department, then simply find a serviced office provider that can accommodate not just you but your goals, too. A great place to start looking would be a serviced office from BE Offices.

Time serviced is time saved

If efficiency is to be a target for the foreseeable future, then think about all of the facilities and features you’d get with a serviced office. You wouldn’t need to worry about furniture, utilities (broadband included), cleaning, maintenance, repairs and more. Every day, you’d have everything you need on hand to help you achieve goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

As noted by Entrepreneur, one of the most seminal changes in the serviced officer sector in 2019 was the kind of businesses making use of them. No longer just home to one-person-bands and SMEs, large corporate and multinationals began making great use of serviced offices, too

Flexible service for flexible business

If your goals are ambitious, but your budget is tight, then many serviced office providers won’t get you tied into a long, expensive contract that might not work out. 

As it’s highly unlikely that you can predict with certainty that your goals will be reached, a serviced office space could provide you with the reassuring flexibility of being able to scale down your efforts if required.

Serviced perks to motivate employees

While these will differ from provider to provider, you and your staff could find yourselves surrounded by a whole host of handy perks in your new serviced space. Coming straight in at number 2 on Mediabistro’s list of favorite office perks is the broad but attractive offer of ‘Free Stuff’.

While, admittedly, onsite tea and coffee, games rooms, chill-out areas, TVs, snack machines and the rest might not be absolutely free (you’ll be paying for them, really), your employees won’t know any different. With serviced offices also usually located in attractive, bustling locations, you’ll also be surrounded by the best local amenities.

After all, keeping your employees happy, motivated and focused is surely one of your business goals for this year and beyond…