Did you know that approximately 3 million people are working in the criminal justice industry in the United States?

However, many people may not realize that there’s a large variety of jobs to choose from in this field.

And getting a Master’s Degree in criminal justice can increase your opportunities overall for a successful career.

So if you’re interested in criminal justice jobs, keep reading!

1. Forensic Psychologist

A forensic psychologist’s job consists of studying criminals and their behavior. So this helps assess if the criminal has mental issues or why they committed the crime.

And this usually involves cases dealing with custody, murder, abuse, etc.

2. Criminal Profiler

A criminal profiler is on the investigative team. And they use data from similar crimes to compile a profile of the suspect.

They analyze crime scenes using forensics to find the psychological patterns of similar cases. Then they find suspects matching that profile to help solve the case.

3. Prison Warden

A prison warden oversees all employees of the prison. Therefore, they must know all of the inner workings of their jail.

And while an associates degree in criminal justice might be enough for this job, always keep in mind the responsibility associated with this position.

4. Criminologist

A criminologist works hand in hand with law enforcement to analyze the societal impacts of criminals and crimes. And they use different techniques to determine why the crime was committed.

Plus, they further investigate to find ways to prevent these crimes from happening again.

5. District Attorney

A district attorney works by prosecuting any felony criminal cases in their state.

So they work with officers to investigate criminal cases before prosecution. And they present these cases to the grand jury as well.

6. Forensic Examiner

A forensic examiner takes the information given by the forensic investigator, then provides a logical explanation and conclusion using science, data, and research.

Their evaluations help determine the outcome of the case overall.

7. FBI Agent

An FBI agent is a national-level investigation expert. And usually, their work deals with higher-level threats and cases. For example, they may work to combat drug trafficking, extortion, organized crime, etc.

8. DEA Agent

A DEA agent specifically focuses on drug trafficking and illegal drugs.

And they oftentimes take on a variety of roles like undercover work or travel. However, each aspect of the job needs a highly trained professional in order to complete their tasks.

9. U.S. Marshal

A United States marshal has a duty of dealing with crimes relating to federal fugitives, the federal judiciary, court orders, terrorism, etc.

This role can be intense since they often deal with high-level security operations.

10. Victims’ Advocate

A victim’s advocate helps victims of crime deal with their trauma. And they can help these victims by offering them counseling, explaining their rights, or by guiding them toward compensation.

Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice

When you get a Master’s Degree in criminal justice, all of these jobs are available for you to choose from.

And hopefully, this list helps you narrow down your options so you can get started with your career in criminal justice.

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