What is one way you benefited from a mentorship support system? Or what are ways to benefit from mentorship?

To help you determine whether a mentorship support system is right for you, we asked CEOs and successful business owners this question for their best insights. From decreasing your stress to helping you believe in yourself, there are several viewpoints that may help you determine if a mentor would benefit you.

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Here are 10 ways leaders benefited from mentorship:

  • Decrease Stress
  • Foster Diversity
  • Focus Your Efforts
  • Increase Your Network
  • Become Agile
  • Learn More About Employees
  • Grow as a Leader
  • Shape Your Vision of Success
  • Gain Proficiency Through Two-Way Feedback
  • Believe in Yourself


10 ways leaders benefited from mentorship


Decrease Stress

When I was a younger man starting out in the business world, there was a lot more stress regarding communications with leaders in the workplace. A mentorship support system effectively decreased that level of stress because it meant there was a direct line to somebody who could lend a hand or an ear whenever required. Mentorship support systems in the workplace build strong relationships that can help employees navigate any potential anxiety about asking for help or needing it at all. Less stress in the workplace is a massive benefit that positively affects every aspect of an employee’s work, especially when a mentor with more experience is available to act as a guide.

Stephen Light, Nolah Mattress


Foster Diversity

Mentorship taught me to believe in what I know: My voice matters. Most organizations are crafting diversity and inclusion initiatives, but many people who identify with minority groups still feel excluded and silenced. The mentors I’ve had have helped me embrace myself. They encouraged me to bring my experiences and perspectives into my professional life. As a business leader, I now strive to do the same for others.

Hector Gutierrez, JOI


Focus Your Efforts

Your mentor can help you focus your efforts. Because they are successful in your sector, your mentor understands what the industry, and specifically your organization, is searching for. Working with a mentor can help you develop short-term practical goals as well as long-term career goals. You might also strive to match your objectives with the requirements of your employer. You can count on your mentor to guide you through the difficulties that come with your industry.

Gerrid Smith, Joy Organics


Increase Your Network

Business mentors can bring you in touch with people who can help you grow your business. The more you network, the more individuals you will meet. And the more people you meet, the more likely it is that you will have someone in your rolodex who can assist you in solving business challenges. Your business mentor, for example, may refer you to another of his mentees, an award-winning recent college graduate seeking for an entry-level employment in web design. Perhaps you’re seeking for someone to assist you with the design of your new company’s website. Your quest for a valued asset may have just became easier thanks to the mentor’s connections.

Edward Mellett, Wikijob


Become Agile

Participating in a mentorship support system opened my eyes to the importance of agile management. In the past, I was so strict with my employees, imposing stiff rules that led to stagnant performance, low attrition, and average sales. When I learned the agile concept through a fireside chat mentorship support session, I discovered that many business leaders today are trying to develop their agile skills. Implementing agile management was worth it, providing my company a 700% conversion rate and less than 10% client churn rate.

James Parsons, Content Powered


Learn More About Employees

As a manager, the mentorship support system allowed me to have more insights about my employees through the feedback from their co-workers. They are not likely to confide with their bosses, but a colleague is a more qualified confidante. The feedback system does not disclose confidential information because everything is done anonymously. You’ll only receive a general assessment of their mental health status and overall coping with work. They can also use this as an opportunity to voice out their concerns and wishes for improvement.

Kathryn McDavid, Editor’s Pick


Grow as a Leader

I have become a better leader through mentorship. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by mentors who are entrepreneurs themselves or perform a senior role in other organizations. Over time, I emulated the leadership qualities they showed such as effective communication, accountability, and the ability to guide others and apply them in my organization. The wisdom that my mentors shared and the different leadership scenarios they presented during our conversations taught me how to act quickly and stand firm in every decision I make, considering various perspectives or areas of concern. I credit my success in running the business through the mentors I’ve met. Without them, I wouldn’t have the resiliency and extensive experience in bringing innovation into my business and working harmoniously with amazing talents.

Abe Breuer, VIP To Go


Shape Your Vision of Success

It made me a better self-evaluator. I was surrounded by fantastic mentors during my early entrepreneurial days, who helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses objectively. This insight was invaluable to me as I gradually picked up on the way they evaluate tendencies, skills, and personalities. As a result of analyzing their process, and absorbing their analysis, I gained an understanding of the most important attributes to have in the workforce. This knowledge has helped me refine my vision of success as a business leader.

Michelle Arnau, Rowan


Gain Proficiency Through Two-way Feedback

Receiving consistent feedback from a mentor and learning how to effectively offer feedback was and continues to be a huge benefit of mentorship support systems. As a business owner and entrepreneur now – one that believes in the power of offering employees regular feedback and ensuring my team feels safe and comfortable extending it to me – I look back and recognize how important those lessons in two-way feedback were. Without that support system, I’m not certain I would be as effective a communicator or as strong a business leader as I am now.

Nick Drewe, Wethrift


Believe in Yourself

When trying things on your own, you might face things like not giving appropriate input to your work or not fully understanding the task. This leads to low and terrible results. This was something most people are always unsatisfied with. With a mentoring support system, I have seen development in my overall behavior. Even if I was down or wasn’t able to complete my work, a mentor is consistently there to guide and let you know that you have the capability, you just have to believe in yourself. This acts as a superpower in ensuring you’re achieving your goals and growing in your career.

Meera Watts, Siddhi Yoga International Pte. Ltd.


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