Small business owners know that to succeed, your team needs to convert hard work into profitable results. How do you do that when there is so much to be done and only 24 hours in a day?

That is why we would like to provide you with some shortcuts to do more with less, so we have assembled this list of useful software applications that can help you automate some of your business processes, save time, and boost productivity.

Communications Software

• Happeo Intranet Software: A leading social intranet software with unique features that support your company’s collaboration and communication. Allows your company to increase productivity, reduce costs, and more fully engage employees.

• HootSuite: Allows small companies to set up social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and much more. Listen to social media and get involved in vital conversations in your niche to grow your followers.

• Skype: The most popular video-conferencing platform allows you to have up to 25 people on the same call.

Productivity Software

• Evernote: An easy note-taking application that can sync across many devices. It allows you to store all your vital information in one place. Evernote is great for to-do lists, calendars, and appointments, so you never miss that important meeting again.

• RescueTime: Effective time management is vital to get a lot done as a small business owner. This tool can provide insight into where your time goes all day long. It can be a critical benchmark tool to boost productivity and focus.

Human Resources Software

• Goodhire: Helps a business screen potential employees as part of your hiring process. Provides criminal background checks, credit checks, skill assessments, ID verification and degree, and education verification.

• Proven: If your company is ready to expand, this program can help you organize your hiring by sending out all job listings onto several online job boards from one location. Also is useful to sort applicants into different buckets for follow-up.

Accounting and Finance Software

• Gusto: If you are beginning to hire workers, this is a helpful tool that will streamline payroll, benefits, and tax processes while ensuring you stay compliant with state and federal regulations. Reports new hires to the government and handles all tax filings.

• Quickbooks: Integrated accounting solution that can streamline financial information in many revolutionary ways. It can take input from bank accounts, Paypal accounts, and many other sources and use it to track your company’s financial health.

Payment Support Software

• Square: If your company is in the early stages, Square is a low-cost payment processing system that allows you to handle credit card transactions with your smartphone.

• Paypal: Allows your business to make and accept payments around the globe securely. The platform has its own mobile POS; a credit and debit card reader that allows you to accept payments on the go and track your cash.

Sales and Marketing Software

• Salesforce CRM: A top CRM tool for businesses of all sizes because of the many benefits in its platform. Salesforce has the best support for integrating your appointment scheduling, and it can grow nicely with your business.

• TimeTrade: A good sales team knows how to make its opportunities. But what if it were possible if sale calls just showed up on your to-do list? This is an automated appointment booking application that allows your prospects to set up appointments on your calendar from your site or social media sites.

Using some of the above software tools is a sure way to improve your business operations’ efficiency and quality.