What is one content marketing tool every marketing manager should consider using?

To help marketing managers find the best content marketing tools, we asked business owners and experienced content marketers this question for their best insights. From Hootsuite to Loomly to Canva, there are several content marketing tools that marketing managers can test out to improve their content operations. 

Here are the 15 best content marketing tools:

  • Hootsuite
  • MeetEdgar
  • BuzzSumo
  • Loomly
  • Monday.com
  • Grammarly
  • ClickFunnels
  • Google Docs
  • ContentStudio
  • Answer The Public
  • Frase.io
  • Vidyard
  • RightlyWritten
  • Ahrefs
  • Canva

15 Best Content Marketing Tools For Marketing Managers


Hootsuite is a fantastic tool if you have to juggle several different social media accounts, which you should absolutely be doing as a marketer. You can schedule posts on different platforms, saving you the time and hassle of doing it manually. Utilizing social media accounts should be part of your strategy, but you need to keep those efforts organized. Hootsuite is a great way to do that.

Alisha Taylor, Alisha Taylor Interiors



Content distribution is crucial for content success. It is a time-consuming task, but tools like MeetEdgar automate the process by regularly resharing the best-performing post on social media. This solution is perfect for promoting high-quality evergreen content as it needs little to no updating. In turn, it removes the need for the constant development of new content to increase website traffic and brand awareness.

Rebeca Sena, GetSpace.digital



BuzzSumo is a must for every marketing manager. This tool helps you find out what your competitors are doing. The tool shows you the most shared content (blog posts, podcasts, and videos) from the top 20,000 domains on the Internet. BuzzSumo’s SEO feature allows you to track social shares and backlinks from any website or URL. Simply enter your competitor’s website and get access to powerful insights. This tool is extremely useful in making an actionable list of your competitor’s best-performing content and the reasons why it is so popular. You can also use it to find out what content is causing negative or unwanted publicity for your products. If you are writing the content yourself and there is a pattern that is leading to negative feedback, then you can avoid writing that type of content. If a particular type of content always gains more traction and shares, you can then repeat that. This can also be very helpful in terms of measuring the effectiveness of your paid campaigns.

Chris Panteli, LifeUpswing



As a seasoned entrepreneur, I feel Loomly’s self-described “brand success platform” is an excellent tool for smaller social teams wanting to plan and collaborate on content. Content scheduling and brainstorming are made simple with built-in calendars, deadlines, and workflows. Loomly also curates new content ideas for users based on hot themes and Twitter conversations as an extra bonus. The simple, no-frills layout is simple to use and accessible to users who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. The platform’s low-cost appeals to small businesses and agencies wishing to manage their social media presence.

Mark Valderrama, Aquarium Store Depot



monday.com has emerged as an exciting and impactful content marketing platform that hosts solutions for an extensive range of marketing needs. While the usual lineup of social media and content calendars, campaign tracking, and event planning prove essential and beneficial, other added processes and automation such as digital asset management and PR give monday.com an added advantage over other similar platforms. Offering flexible packages and pricing levels that suit small businesses and large enterprises alike, this platform makes your marketing collaborations and communications a lot easier.

Jase Rodley, Jase Rodley



Grammarly is probably my favorite content marketing tool. It’s great for anyone – even the best spelling expert. It just makes work so much faster because you know it’s being checked as you go. That takes that piece of thinking off your plate and gives you more room for focusing on content ideas. It’s a really fantastic tool that integrates with Google Docs, email, and more. If you haven’t downloaded the extension for your browser, definitely check it out!

Ryan Brown, Kenra Professional



If you have an online presence, you should create a sales funnel regardless of whether your business focuses on consumers online or offline. A sales funnel depicts the process of converting visitors into leads. These funnels can boost your company’s average order value by converting leads into sales. Creating these funnels from scratch is a very hectic & time-consuming process. That is where funnel-creating tools come in handy.
My recommendation is Clickfunnels. I recommend & use this tool because of its simple drag-and-drop platform. You can develop a sales funnel that converts in just a few minutes. The website creates templates based on what has worked for other businesses. And using templates speeds up the process even more. It offers beneficial features like Hangout funnels, Email integrations, A/B testing, etc.

Axel Hernborg, Tripplo.com


Google Docs

For me, Google Docs is one of the most important content marketing tools that every marketing expert should use. Google Docs is best for editing the content and collaborating with content writers. The best thing is that it’s completely free, extensively used, and easy to use. Google Docs is a must-have if you can utilize word processor software. Google Docs is like a kitchen to content marketers: all of the work is done before the final presentation.

Marilyn Gaskell, TruePeopleSearch



ContentStudio offers a long list of services, and each of them proves to be essential to a team that rightly believes that marketing automation is the key to marketing success. The platform puts to work several solutions for users, with every tool managing some vital elements of marketing strategies, including KPI tracking and measurement, a library for brand creatives, automated social media publishing, an elaborate planner, and a content sharing platform that makes collaboration and communication easier. Constant development and an excellent support team make ContentStudio an even easier choice for marketing teams.

Jerry Ford, 4WD Life


Answer The Public 

The bedrock of any content marketing strategy is understanding the needs and frustrations of your customers, and developing content that addresses these pressure points. Answer The Public (https://answerthepublic.com) is a great tool to help uncover insights for this. Simply enter the topic and it will generate a really visual chart highlighting phrases and questions people are asking based on Google data. Best of all, it’s free. Do this across multiple topics and you will start to build a really good picture of what your content needs to cover – now all you need to do is write the best, most detailed article about it!

Ben Foster, The SEO Works



We love Frase – it’s a huge time saver! Frase helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes. It’s especially great for generating content briefs for your content team, so you get exactly what you need to rank in Google.

Sam Browne, HARO SEO



Vidyard is the most effective tool for making B2B marketing videos and digital marketing and content development. Vidyard’s analytics and personalization tools show organizations how to use their content to increase engagement and how to use it to improve it. Vidyard is a video marketing platform for hosting, sharing, and promoting video content on your website. They also have a sales solution to assist you in closing more accounts, but I’m more familiar with the marketing solution. The video statistics provided by Vidyard are comprehensive. You may tailor videos and do A/B tests, and you can even gate movies at a set length to assist collect leads. They can also optimize your films for SEO and link them with various CRM, email, and social networks.

Muskan Rai, Web Hosting Advices



This is the era of social media content, meaning marketing managers best direct their efforts to strengthen their social media marketing strategies to accelerate brand recognition and revenue. That move may leave email marketing efforts and website blogs on autopilot, so marketing managers must consider using a tool that can shoulder all the business’s written content needs.

RightlyWritten, and many other programs like it, are good solutions for this — this tool, in particular, offers storytelling writing styles that are designed for use beyond web and email content, they’re even equipped to take care of business press releases and even e-books that can be used as lead-generating resources. It saves time and improves the versatility of a marketing manager’s skills. Having this in their arsenal will allow more space in their schedules to focus on more viable productive marketing mediums.

Michael Knight, Incorporation Insight



At Personnel Checks, we could not create the amount of optimized content that we do without using Ahrefs. Essentially, it enables us to understand the level of competition for keywords and to also match keyword research data to the intent of our target audience.

This has then enabled us to grow out our content to focus on aspects such as long-tail keyword queries (responding to very specific questions) and short-tail keywords via more long-form guides.

Ahrefs is also fantastic for finding content gap opportunities in relation to competitors. The tool aligns competitor rankings with your site side-by-side, so with a quick export to excel and a bit of formatting, it’s very easy to identify any immediate keyword gap areas to take advantage of with new content.

James Parkinson, Personnel Checks



Canva is a great content marketing tool for social media. Having eye-catching and engaging content is essential when it comes to content marketing. Canva helps content managers explore more elements of creativity, where they can create inspirational, educational, and promotional content in all forms for various platforms. Whether the goal is to create useful infographics for greater visibility online, Canva is a great tool to consider.”

Candie Guay, Envida

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