To help you enhance your social media engagement, we’ve gathered fifteen unique tactics from top executives and marketing professionals. From the use of animated videos to joining social media groups, these leaders share their most effective strategies. Dive in to discover the tactics that could revolutionize your social media presence. Here are 15 ways to boost engagement on social media platforms:

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  • Engage with Animated Videos 
  • Include Relevant Memes
  • Try Cross-Promotions 
  • Collaborate with Micro-Influencers 
  • Combine Social Media Best Practices
  • Publish Problem-Driven Content 
  • Gather User-Generated Content 
  • Use a Hand-Written Font 
  • Run Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Actively Networking on LinkedIn 
  • Promptly Reply to Messages
  • Encourage and Respond to Audience Interaction
  • Host Interactive Contests
  • Put Social Handles on Business Cards
  • Join Social Media Groups

Engage with Animated Videos 

A powerful method to drive social media engagement is through short, animated videos made possible with design platforms like Canva or InVideo. These platforms are user-friendly, enabling the creation of professional-grade animations. Animated videos are entertaining and informative, making them perfect for social media. They can be used to tell captivating stories that prompt viewers to comment and share. 

Moreover, the fact that they are visually engaging leads to more active anticipation of future content. In my experience, this tactic significantly increases social media engagement, demonstrating the effectiveness of short, animated videos in any marketing strategy.

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media

Include Relevant Memes

One spectacular social-media marketing tactic I’ve embraced to skyrocket engagement on my profiles is the notorious “Meme Magic” strategy. Yes, you heard that right—memes are more than just hilarious cat pictures (although they work wonders too!). 

With a sprinkle of wit and creativity, I crafted share-worthy memes that struck a chord with my audience. The results? A jaw-dropping 50% increase in likes, shares, and comments! One particular gem featuring a Grumpy Cat lookalike brought forth an avalanche of laughter and engagement, leaving me purring with delight. 

Remember, a well-timed meme is worth a thousand words! So, dive into the meme universe, and watch your social-media kingdom thrive!

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Try Cross-Promotions 

I also used cross-promotions and joint marketing with similar or competing companies. By utilizing one another’s audiences, we could increase our reach and engagement. Whether it was through joint giveaways, guest blog posts, or co-created content, these collaborations aided in the formation of vital connections with new followers and potential consumers.

Alexandra Cotes Daes, Social Media and Marketing Director, Toronto Flower Co.

Collaborate with Micro-Influencers 

We once ventured into the world of influencer marketing – but with a twist. We didn’t aim for the stars; instead, we sought micro-influencers, those hidden gems with loyal followers hanging on to their every word. 

This strategy unfolded when we teamed up with an emerging lifestyle blogger in our niche. She was the real deal—passionate, genuine, and relatable, the epitome of the micro-influencer ethos. We co-created a unique, engaging campaign, and the results were astounding. 

Her followers became interested in our brand, engagement soared, and our online presence was invigorated. It was an eye-opening experience that underlined the power of micro-influencers in modern marketing.

Ryan Steinolfson, Founder, Accelerate Marketing

Combine Social Media Best Practices 

To increase engagement on our company’s LinkedIn profile, several tactics are employed that have proven to be highly effective for the LinkedIn platform:

Posting on the right days and at the right time ensures that publishing occurs when the target audience is most likely to be active and engaged on LinkedIn.

Engaging with readers in the comments section by responding to comments ensures a friendly and meaningful two-way conversation, which further helps in increasing the reach and engagement of the posts.

Adding a visual element to the content published is beneficial. Since visuals like infographics and carousels enjoy good organic impressions and engagement on LinkedIn, it is a point to leverage them as much as possible in the LinkedIn content strategy.

Using the right, relevant hashtags is quite important on LinkedIn, as it ensures that the content reaches people who’ll find it useful and, in turn, would be most likely to engage with it.

Saksham Gogia, Co-Founder and Managing Director, WrittenlyHub

Publish Problem-Driven Content 

One tactic that helped improve the engagement rate on different social media channels is creating problem-driven content for readers that solves their current challenges. This type of content becomes more relatable to the core audience, and the solutions or answers provided help them improve their current scenario, whether in business or professional life.

Finding these problem-centric content ideas starts with identifying questions that people ask online. This is because questions often represent the problem they are facing in the industry. Platforms like Reddit, IndieHackers, Quora, and niche forums are the best places to find real questions asked by the audience. However, it is important to prioritize questions that can be answered with either personal experience or expertise.

When personal experiences or practical experience is aligned with answers, audiences are more likely to engage with the content.

Harshit Gupta, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Trainer, GrowthAcad

Gather User-Generated Content 

One effective social media marketing tactic to increase engagement is leveraging user-generated content (UGC). UGC involves encouraging and sharing content created by users, clients, or followers. 

At Authors on Mission, authors were invited to share their writing journey, book-launch experiences, or their achievements post-publication, using a specific hashtag. These stories were then reshared on social media profiles.

This strategy had a dual effect. It not only promoted the authors and their work but also highlighted the success of the services. User-generated content acts as social proof, building trust among the audience. Moreover, featuring clients’ content made them feel valued and part of the community, leading to higher engagement rates.

UGC campaigns are a powerful way to foster community, increase engagement, and enhance brand credibility. It’s authentic, relatable, and it showcases the direct impact of your work on your clients.

Vikrant Shaurya, CEO, Authors On Mission

Use a Hand-Written Font 

We have discovered that utilizing a hand-written font with an arrow pointing to a significant element in the image dramatically enhances the visibility and engagement of our LinkedIn posts. It effectively communicates to the audience, saying, “Hey, check this out,” consistently producing positive results.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Run Paid Ad Campaigns

If you’re invested in social media, you need to invest in social media…and that means running paid ads. Many business owners are not convinced they should pay for social media engagement or reach, but ‌paid social improves results for your organic posts and brings in new prospects from your ads. 

I caution those who are afraid to spend on advertising to weigh the time they are investing in organic social media and what measurable results they see. That time is a cost that you cannot recoup. By investing a reasonable budget in social media advertising, you will see your engagement soar on both your account and your organic posts.

Maryann Pfeiffer, Principal and Founder, 108 Degrees Digital Marketing

Actively Network on LinkedIn

Venturing into the startup business, our team found a lack of a community of like-minded people. LinkedIn was the best place to build this community. It’s a place to share, find talent, and seek advice. 

The trick was not simply crafting a perfect profile page and hoping for the best. Actively seeking startup founders, CEOs, and developers and connecting with them was key. Connection requests can be automated without losing the personal touch using tools like Linked Helper. Engagement with what people post on their pages is also important. 

Personally writing comments and devoting one hour to this on LinkedIn increases page visibility and aids in finding new employees, thanks to an extensive network and recommendations.

Daria Erina, Managing Director, Linked Helper

Promptly Reply to Messages

I regularly interacted with my followers by replying to comments and direct messages as soon as they were received. I tried to respond to positive remarks and concerns in a courteous and helpful manner. This two-way contact fostered a sense of community and trust, increasing followers’ likelihood of engaging in future posts.

Rameez Usmani, Digital PR and Chief Marketing Officer, Solar Panel Installation

Encourage and Respond to Audience Interaction

One tactic that always worked best for me for increasing engagement on my social media profiles was encouraging my audience to comment on and share each post and then responding to all the comments and shares I received. 

If you want to foster social media engagement, ask and direct your audience towards it. At the same time, you need to take the initiative and be the one who never misses responding to a comment, no matter how small that comment is.

Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing, Ninja Transfers

Host Interactive Contests

Hosting social media contests is an effective method to spike engagement on your profiles. Contests that offer worthwhile rewards can motivate your followers to like, comment, share, and tag friends. 

Not only does this drive immediate engagement, but it can also expand your reach to potential followers. It’s a win-win situation: your audience gets rewarded, and your brand enjoys heightened visibility and engagement.

Aysu Erkan, Social Media Manager, Character Calculator

Put Social Handles on Business Cards

Do people actually read your social handles on physical media and then type them in on their phones? The answer, in my experience, is a huge yes! 

You want to get your socials out there as much as possible without exposing yourself to spammers. Make sure you have your most-used handles listed on your business cards, and always have a card to spare. You never know who you might meet at a networking function, business function, or even out in public.

Coty Perry, Chief Marketing Officer,

Join Social Media Groups

Join or create social-media groups/communities to engage with a targeted audience, sharing valuable content and establishing credibility. For example, a fitness apparel brand joins fitness-related Facebook groups and shares informative videos, workout tips, and discounts, encouraging group members to engage by asking questions and sharing their fitness journey.

Ben Lau, Founder, Featured SEO Company