Arthur Doglione

President and senior managing director

Alpha Fiduciary

Background: Doglione is an industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience working with high-net-worth clients. He has an extensive background in wealth management. Doglione founded Alpha Fiduciary in 2006 to provide clients a true fiduciary experience that minimizes conflicts of interest. Alpha Fiduciary has a deep, credentialed talent bench focused on delivering cost-efficient results to its clients.

A trend to watch: “Current issues include likely interest rate increases, possible tax reform and an aging market rally. Higher rates affect those looking to make large purchase a home or car. While higher rates may also boost the income from fixed investments, bond prices go down when rates increase, and inflation often accompanies higher rates. We feel investors should not get complacent due to the market’s current strong performance. Now is the time to understand your portfolio’s upside and downside capture profile.”

Advice for 2018: “Stocks may benefit from upcoming tax reform, as it may improve earnings. We are waiting to see how beneficial reform might affect investors individually, as sustained consumer demand drives economic growth. Consider only investing for growth what you can leave invested for at least five to seven years, and stay organized. You can’t control the markets, but you can plan intelligently. A financial professional can help you best when you provide a clear picture of your situation.”

Arizona investment: “There are many exciting Arizona opportunities. However, Alpha Fiduciary believes strongly that an investment is only appropriate in the context of the investor’s overall situation. Our advisors carry many credentials which insist on a careful professional review prior to making specific recommendations.”