Theresa Chacopulos

Private wealth advisor, senior vice president

Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management


Background: Chacopulos serves ultra-high net worth clients, working to create a customized approach to portfolio management.  A 31-year financial services veteran, she holds the Certified Financial Planner and Certified Investment Management Analyst designation. Chacopulos fosters long-term relationships with her clients, often working in close collaboration with their other advisors. She was named a Barron’s Magazine Top 1,000 Advisor in 2009-2013, including two years as the No. 1 advisor in Arizona. Chacopulos is a member of the Central Arizona Estate Planning Council, the Investment Management Consultants Association and the Financial Planning Association.

Trend to watch: “Wealth managers and financial planners no doubt will have numerous client discussions over tax reform in the coming months. The odds of a comprehensive tax reform law are likely by early next year but with the volatility that has seen other initiatives fail, the final outcome is uncertain. The framework leaves many of the final details to the tax-writing committees in Congress. Left unanswered is a final top individual rate and the difficult task of picking winners and losers—in other words—which itemized deductions will be discarded. Overall the proposal reduces the seven individual tax brackets to three, eliminates the estate and alternative minimum taxes, and retains the mortgage interest deduction. Financial advisors will find some of their favorite tax-planning tools intact, including deductions for retirement savings and charitable giving.”

Advice for 2018: “Financial planning and wealth management as an investment advisory discipline incorporates a number of aggregated financial services. My advice is to find a financial advisor who will properly manage these segments in addition to working with your attorney, CPA or any of your other professional advisors.”