Trevor Wilde

Managing director

Wilde Wealth Management Group

Background: A nearly 20-year-veteran of the industry, Wilde launched Wilde Wealth Management with his father, Bill, in 2003. A privately owned, independent financial firm, Wilde focuses on providing a full spectrum of retirement, estate, investment, insurance and tax services. Wilde and the firm have been recognized by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices as a Premier Advisory Firm and has been ranked among the top advisors nationwide by Barron’s several times.

A trend to watch: “For the first time ever, anyone who handles retirement assets and gives advice must adhere to new impartial conduct standards. While this is how we’ve always run our business, as many as two thirds of the industry has not; meaning most are underdoing restructuring of their entire business model, or getting out of the industry entirely. We are also at the beginning stages of the largest population in history transitioning from saving money to accessing their retirement funds, which is a seismic shift on top of the actual changes in regulation.”

Advice for 2018: “We like to keep it simple for people – make it, save it, invest it. Then, repeat.”

Arizona investment: “This answer depends on the person, and should be on a case-by-case basis. For some, investing in a friend’s small business to help them take the next step is the right answer. For others, it is local businesses that is committed to the community. And for others, investment should only be considered after working with a professional on due diligence of all local companies to see which would provide the highest return.”