Phoenix has evolved into a hotbed for innovation. To showcase how startups are powering the Valley’s economy, Az Business has compiled a list of 25 Phoenix startups to watch 2021. Here are 25 of the best startups in Metro Phoenix, listed in alphabetical order.

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AerialSphere: Re-inventing the way people interact with maps through its 360-degree immersive experience.

Akos: Offers an intuitive and streamlined telemedicine platform which allows patients to virtually connect with healthcare specialists.

Chassi: Customer Experience Engineering (CXE) company that enables software businesses to optimally deliver value to their customers.

Dealty: Gives users the tools they need to buy or sell their homes while determining each home’s value, setting a price and putting the property on the market.

Dovly: Has developed a fully automated credit repair platform that helps improve people’s credit scores.

EnPower: Battery technology company focused on developing scalable, engineering-based innovations to unlock the full potential of lithium-ion.

eVisit: Telehealth SaaS leader helping hospitals and health systems deliver end-to-end virtual care from scheduling and intake to the visit itself, e-prescribe, discharge and more.

Fullbay: Cloud-based shop management software built specifically for heavy duty repair shops.

Grow Sciences: Specializes in developing elite cannabis strains, which are grown indoors and lab-tested to ensure each is free of mold, mildew and harmful pesticides.

Happy Hired: Connects employers with healthcare workers, who choose the type of job they are looking for and are matched with the roles that suit them best.

HardHats: Construction companies and workers can sign up on the platform to be matched with local jobs.

HomeKey Systems: App enables homeowners to manage projects and home service professionals, track expenses and eliminate paper receipts.

Insurmi: Insurmi’s Violet is the A.I. assistant built to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and enhance the insurance customer experience.

Integrate: Empowers marketers to unify their demand marketing channels into a single, powerful SaaS platform that helps them achieve quantifiable business outcomes.

Mindset Medical: Offers a digital health platform that turns data into clinical information for physicians.

Nod Specialists: Delivers healthcare for infectious diseases, kidney disease, and allergy and immunology issues through virtual visits.

Nurseio: This startup serves as a staffing platform that helps nurses find work and get paid on demand.

Persefoni: Venture-backed SaaS company building the best tools for organizations to lower their carbon footprint.

Picmonic: Helps people create, share and explore highly effective audiovisual study cards, called Picmonics “pictorial mnemonics.”

PowerGrow: Greenhouses are made with thermal energy storage applications that improve growing performance while using 95 percent less water than standard outdoor farming.

Qwick: Connects food and beverage professional who want on-demand work with businesses who need them.

RadiusAI: Technology features multi-camera tracking, real-time analytics, rapid, and cost effective, edge processing, and customized offers.

Skookii: Helps K-12 school parents manage children’s in-school or out-of-school payments, allowing them to pay for any expense item from the comfort of their homes.

Solera Health: Integrates highly fragmented programs and services into one high-access, lower cost network to prevent and manage chronic health conditions paid through medical claims.

Steady Install: Offers an online marketplace platform that allows commercial furniture dealers and facilities to hire contract installers on a project-to-project basis.