A groundbreaking study conducted by Bastion Transform, a part of Bastion Agency, has uncovered startling insights into the prevalent unhappiness among employees in today’s workplace. The report reveals that a mere one-third of employees, accounting for 36%, report a high level of satisfaction in their current roles while a staggering 55% express work dissatisfaction and skepticism about their company’s willingness and capability to meet their needs in the future. 

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Since the start of global pandemic, businesses have continued to grapple with challenges. From supply chain disruptions triggering inflation to global instability dominating headlines, the specter of a U.S. recession and the evolving dynamics of the ‘great resignation,’ companies have been wrestling with a tumultuous landscape. This crisis has been marked by both “quiet quitting” and “loud quitting,” with businesses struggling to attract and retain the talent necessary for growth, all taking place during the rise of artificial intelligence. 

Despite the desire to return to pre-pandemic levels of productivity and profitability, a seismic shift has occurred in people’s perceptions of their employers during the COVID era. As myths surrounding remote work and effective collaboration were debunked, deeper issues within organizations surfaced, compelling individuals to take a deeper look at their relationship with work and prioritize personal well-being. 

The aftermath of these realizations has led to employees seeking more from their employers and refusing to settle for less. They are pursuing recognition, a voice in company decisions, and opportunities for growth. Astonishingly, Bastion Transform’s research highlights that 39% of employees feel their contributions are not being acknowledged, while 36% have not engaged with their employers regarding their professional development. Furthermore, four in ten employees (38%) perceive their companies as ill-equipped to navigate change swiftly. 

This concerning trend has prompted Bastion Transform to identify three pivotal aspects crucial for employee engagement and productivity: 

1. Clarity: Employees yearn for clarity in purpose, strategy, and roles. Bastion Transform emphasizes the importance of leaders clearly articulating the company’s purpose beyond profit, its strategic direction, and individual responsibilities. Without this clarity, dissatisfaction and disengagement can proliferate. 

2. Empowerment: Empowered employees drive productivity. The program designed by Bastion Transform focuses on team design, outcomes-oriented approaches, and cultivating trust. These elements foster a culture of responsibility, problem-solving, and innovation. 

3. Mindset: In a rapidly evolving landscape, fostering a growth mindset is essential. Acknowledging change, embracing it as an opportunity, and setting standards and practices that encourage positive thinking are integral to maintaining a motivated workforce. 

Bastion Transform is the latest offering out of Bastion USA – a leading marketing agency in Orange County, California. This innovative program brings specialized expertise to clients, focusing on developing high-performing teams and pioneering the future of work. 

Bastion Transform’s mission is to share their global knowledge of team performance and optimal ways of working with local clients. The principles of clarity, empowerment, and mindset are universal and adaptable to teams of any size, company, or industry. By aiding businesses in re-engaging and inspiring their workforce, Bastion Transform aims to equip organizations to not only navigate the current work environment, but to thrive in it. 

For more information about Bastion Transform’s solutions and initiatives, visit https://us.bastionagency.com/services/transform