Being a manufacturer is all about efficiency. If you’re able to produce an optimal number of products within a given timeframe, without any halt, break, or issue, you’ll be running your company at the best-possible performance levels. Getting to this point in your business development takes time, and a certain amount of trial and error. But in this article, you’re going to learn not about the processes, but the equipment that you should use and deploy in order to see your facility operate at a consistently high level of efficiency throughout the working week.


In most industrial processes, sensors are your alert to show you when something is going wrong. When a certain level is overflowed, a certain temperature is reached, or a certain chemical is leaked, your sensors are what save you from more catastrophic disasters in your warehouse and on your factory floor. You need to trust your sensors, and they need to be of the highest quality to work through the months and years ahead.

As such, investing in high-quality sensors across the entirety of your facility is a one-off investment that will keep you and your staff safe, and will ensure that you’re first to the knowledge that something is broken or amiss in your company. Look to Strain Measurement Devices as a starting point for these high-quality sensors, that will alert you to anomalies in your production line.


The second innovation that you should be paying close attention to is robotics. You’ll know, as a manufacturer, that when we speak of robotics, we’re not talking about humanoid robots performing human tasks. We’re talking mostly of robotic articulated arms that can perform movements at speed, and with greater efficiency and dexterity, than the human hand and arm can perform.

These arms are what keep your production line running as quickly as possible. Be sure to invest in one of these highly programmable robotic arms wherever you find a bottleneck in your production line. They’ll help you work faster, and more concertedly, over time. There are impressive robotics studios in all countries across the world – it’s up to you to find the systems that you think will work best for you in the long term.


Slipping from hardware to software, it’s hard to ignore just how important it can be to operate with the highest level of computing power and dexterity in the modern era. All factories are also data centers, for instance, where you can discover how to make your processes more efficient through the accurate interpretation of your data. This is an exciting, if opaque, space to invest in for 2020.

Essentially, if you’re no computer whizz, you ought to consult with an external advisor as to which digital technology will be most applicable and useful for your business to take on in the near future. You will be surprised at the breadth of computing power directed towards business in the modern world – and many will help you drive efficiency for 2020 and beyond.

Look to these fundamental choices for manufacturers in 2020 in order to boost your business output over time.