The COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for over a year now, and has affected industries across the board. There are businesses that have managed to find added success during the pandemic, but they have been the exception. Millions of businesses have closed temporarily or permanently. Many businesses that were set to open in 2020 never got off the ground.

However, as vaccine rollout continues and there is an end in sight, some industries are gearing to go again. These 3 industries are on the rebound in 2021.


Restaurants struggled to survive during the pandemic, with social distancing measures keeping them from running as normal. Even with delivery services available, many restaurants had to shut their doors, unable to hang on without their usual income streams.

However, the restaurant industry is one that will always have a massive market, as long as people are allowed to leave the house. Restaurants in Arizona and around the country are opening up again with renewed momentum, ready to impress customers who are itching to get back to normal.

Restaurants like Pedal Haus Brewery in Tempe (seen in the photo above) have refurbished with new interiors to attract new customers. They have done so with chic furniture and decor, including some gorgeous metal restaurant chairs that provide comfort and aesthetic joy. With a competitive market, restaurants need to do what they can to stand out.


Analysts have been concerned about the construction industry. The pandemic halted many new developments. Some stalled due to the need for social distancing. Others had to stop due to a lack of funds in a dire economy. But most daunting were those developments that were called off because they no longer seemed necessary.

Over the past year, many businesses have had employees work entirely from home. Video conferencing has provided a successful way for people in industries across the board to communicate. The need for a physical presence, in other words, has diminished.

The good news is that the construction industry is indeed rebounding. It will take time for surviving companies to reach previous heights, and new companies will have to climb a steep hill, but many developments are already back on, providing plenty of work to go around.


A pandemic that halts movement between cities, let alone states and countries, is naturally catastrophic for the tourism industry. Tourism was so hard hit that many other industries would never be able to rebound (or even want to). The thing about tourism is that tourism companies often have few other options, especially in vacation towns. And, perhaps more importantly, as long as people are traveling, there will always be customers.

In other words, the tourism industry has had to wait it out. Companies have had to hold on and do the best with very little, but those that have survived will soon start turning profits again. Vaccine rollout is happening, however slowly, and limited travel is possible. When travel between countries is accessible again to the masses, the tourism industry will see a massive rebound.