Launching a new business requires perseverance, long hours, and the willingness to perform multiple jobs to ensure success. As a business grows, entrepreneurs should begin to reap the benefits of greater freedom, but if you are not careful your business can become a trap, demanding an increasing amount of time and energy.

Entrepreneurs cannot be inspiring leaders if they are tired because they worked over the weekend or skipped vacation. Here are a 3-reasons why every entrepreneur should make time off a priority:

  1. The brain needs downtime: To run a business, you must work hard to ensure flawless execution of business plans, refine communication, and innovate new growth strategies. Trying to tackle all these things without a break will lead to burnout. To effectively work on all cylinders, take time off to step away from your work and refresh your mind.
  2. Employees benefit from autonomy: Every team needs a leader, but they also need room to grow and make their own decisions. When the boss takes a break from work, it gives employees the opportunity to step up and prove their value. You may be surprised at just how much your employees can accomplish in your absence.
  3. Set the tone: An entrepreneur should set good examples by working hard but also by taking breaks when stress piles up. Through their actions, leaders can convey that productivity is measured by length of time and the quality of work that is produced when you are well-conditioned and rested. Don’t send a message of all work that your employees can’t live up to.

After taking time off, you will likely go back to work with a fresh outlook and a body and mind that is poised and ready to work more creatively and productively than ever. If you find you still can’t get all your work done, consider delegating tasks that will help employees grow.


Damon Burton is an entrepreneur, consultant and President of SEO National and UtahSites who writes extensively about leadership and career advancement.