Social media apps such as Instagram have never used to trend as it is trending now. After Facebook, it is considered the second most popular social app. According to researchers and marketers, the number of firms that prefer Instagram for marketing is steadily increasing yearly. The number increase will likely outshine other social media platforms in the next five years.

Remember that using the most popular social media channel will only guarantee some campaigns’ best results. Audiences are countless, and it is significant for your marketing strategies to get far beyond the conventional “purchase this now “approach. This allows you to stand apart from the reel and the competition with prospective customers. Keep reading and learn how to succeed from social media platforms’ campaigns and ads.

1. Utilize New Zoom Features

Social media apps such as Instagram have recently implemented an update to the service, which allows you to conduct a little close-up advertising with your instagram ads. Social media apps’ new zoom feature is practical, enabling users to pinch the screen to zoom in on both videos and photos. The addition was launched due to many user requests on Instagram. This ensures the feature is added to the platform.

Besides, it took less time for brands to begin to experiment with the zoom feature, too. Some competent firms were even trying out slow-motion new filters and effects. On top of marketing through storytelling on their Instagram feeds.

2. Advertise Your Ideal Content

The practical approach that most firms tend to take to generate new ad content typically involves developing calls to action and scripting ad copy that will greatly impact their prospective customers. If you want more results with your ads, it is not advisable to follow this approach when marketing on a social media app. 

Additionally, you already have plenty of content you know your followers appreciate. It is helpful to look back through your natural posts to find images that attract the most engagement from your potential customers or audience. Try repurposing those posts as ads to attain a massive lift in response from a vast audience. Once you have seen a decent engagement on the introductory post, the company may use the photo and its caption in creating an Instagram ad. After a couple of weeks’ campaign, that post will reflect over 26,000 likes. It will also remember many comments and a significant lift in the visibility of its brand.

3. Enhance Your Targeting

The fact that a specific social media app is drawing on the comprehensive user ad within Facebook as an account implies you can zero in on your audience within Instagram. However, it is helpful to determine how to leverage various aspects of the platform to make it work for you and your brand. Apart from the standards targeting techniques, some factors can enable you to narrow your elements.


Are you using instagram ads to reach your target audience or prospective customers? Is your approach changing with the updates to social media platforms? Remember that with some quality social media platform features, you can create a connection from frame to frame, formulating a story and promoting your sales pitch using the ads.