Co-working spaces are growing in popularity. They are seen now as the norm. Companies such as GoFloaters are meeting the demand for this new way of working. There are so many different uses for shared space, and a wide range of individuals and businesses use them. Four of the primary users of a co-working space are freelancers, remote workers who travel, startups, and students. Below is some information on how these four types of people and businesses are using and utilizing shared office spaces.


As freelancers do not work for a company and work entirely for themselves, shared working spaces are an ideal solution. It can be difficult for a freelancer to work at home. Perhaps, it is too noisy, or they do not have the right furniture or lighting to work correctly. They could also try a coffee shop; however, they are generally loud and distracting. Co-working spaces offer a more conventional setting for a freelancer to get his work completed with no annoyances. Many freelancers are taking advantage of companies such as GoFloaters to find the perfect space to meet their needs.

Remote Workers Who Travel

There has been an enormous increase in remote workers, the other name for whom is ‘nomad’ workers. These individuals can be involved in any amount of industries such as teaching online, digital marketing, virtual help, online coaching, and so much more. They are people who work so they can travel and move around when they want. Shared working space in the area they are visiting next will be hugely advantageous for them. It’s difficult to find it, however, if you don’t have help. Using coworking space sites takes the hassle out of the process for the digital nomad. There are many such co-working space sites out there, depending on the destination. However, for example, GoFloaters caters to people living in different areas of India.


It can be so difficult trying to set up your own business. You will be concerned about the amount of expenses that build up and no cash flow coming in. Startups have been utilizing shared working spaces for this very reason. Renting out an entire office when it may only be you and a few more staff, is impractical and very costly.

Another advantage for a startup to use a co-working space is the lack of commitment required as you would not have to sign a several years lease (which is common). Sites such as GoFloaters require a month-to-month payment, which would be very beneficial for a company with financial restrictions. It is also a great place to network, have a healthy work environment, and meet interesting and skilled people.


You may think it is only working professionals who reap the benefits of a shared spaced office. Individuals in third-level education or adult students can also find it helpful. A student who is finding it very difficult to study due to a lot of distractions will find coworking spaces to be excellent. They can increase their productivity as there is less disruption. Students can also collaborate with their classmates if they decide to rent a co-working space together. This collaboration would be an excellent option if the students are sharing a project and need to work closely together on a shared task.

These are a few top examples of the uses of co-working spaces such as GoFloaters, and there are many others. They can be hugely useful for either solo workers or businesses. Also, they are a great alternative to the more traditional work environment, and it is clear why they are growing so much in popularity. And it doesn’t look like that popularity is going away soon!