Something that holds in common, among all businesses, despite their industry or genre of work, is the fact that every business aims to outshine and outrank their competition and increase the traffic from targeted audiences. If you are doing the latter, the earlier one takes care of itself.

If you have done your research on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and know how powerful it is to help you achieve all your objectives, I am sure you are already aware of the concept of Do-follow links and how they can help you capitalize on your SEO efforts.

However, if you don’t know, here’s a quick recap: Do-follow links from quality websites help in a site’s SEO. And if you are asking me how, I will get back to it later. But before that, let me tell you fail-proof 4 ways that can help you get Do-follow backlinks:

1. Guest Blogging

When you have just launched your new websites, you might want to publish content pieces that will relate to a large number of viewers. But the real problem is to put it in front of people, especially now when your website doesn’t have so many visitors. This can be solved with guest blogging.

When you are guest blogging, you write quality articles for renowned blogs, linking your website to the author’s note. Sometimes, you even publish your content in guest blogs. But before you start guest blogging, it is important you consider the site you are considering to write for, offers Do-follow links or not.

You can look for Guest posting services or Paid Guest posting services from renowned digital marketing companies.

We have all heard of Buffer’s success story, but not many people know that it got its first 100,000 users by writing 150 guest posts, over a period of nine months.

2. Email Outreach

Before we dive deep into email outreach, you need to know that email outreach only works if your content is great, and has the ability to stand out.

As the name suggests, email outreach allows you to send emails to people who might be interested in the type of content you generate. But the problem here is, how will you get access to these people?

One way can be to visit similar blogs and websites and reach out to people who have commented. One other way can be to find similar content that has already garnered a lot of links and then reach out to people who provided those links. This way they will know about your content.

3.  Publicity and Public Relations

This is one of the underrated practices, but if you are using the media the right way, we all know how powerful it can be. Here is why –

In all the earlier practices, you are reaching out to people informing them about your content piece. But if you are promoting via local media outlets, magazines, newspapers, television, and other sources of media, instead, people will reach you.

There are always limitations when it comes to approaching people directly, but with media and publicity, there are no limitations.

4. Backlink Analysis of competition

You may be just starting out, but there is no need to do the work from the ground up. There are many tools available that will help you do a backlink analysis of your competitors.

This will help you know exactly what sites your competitors are getting links from. The results of this analysis can also be really helpful to plan your own SEO Campaign.

Now, coming back to why are Do-follow links so important?

Look at Do-follow links as votes to your site, and the higher the number of votes, the higher will the ranking your website or blog gets in Search Engines. Your content can be of high quality but the way Google or any other browser recognizes it is by Do-follow links. Infact, stats reveal that content and backlinks are the two most important factors to achieve a high ranking on Google.

But here is the twist, not all votes are equal. This means, not all Do-follow links are given equal importance. A Do-follow link from an authoritative site helps you more than sites that are spammy or don’t have a powerful reputation. Spammy sites might even harm your website’s SEO.

Thus, it’s important to spend time planning your SEO Campaign along with a solid backlinking strategy!