When it comes to marketing there are always going to be creative ways to integrate new concepts into your marketing strategies that can really push things forward. One tool that can complement most marketing campaigns and can be a powerful tool when strategizing, is UGC. UGC stands for user-generated content and it is a powerful way of growing brand awareness.

If you are looking for a way to improve your marketing strategy and bring in new customers, looking into UGC is well worth your time. If you have been wondering about what exactly UGC is and how it can become an important part of your brand growth – here is everything you need to know!

What Exactly is UGC?

Before getting into our reasons for why UGC can help to expand your brand awareness and accelerate growth, let’s cover the basics – what is UGC? UGC stands for User Generated Content and is a form of media that can span everything from a review left on Amazon, to a viral Tik-Tok. Most people have developed some kind of UGC without even realizing it as this is any kind of content that a user of any product might generate. The most common, although it may not be the flashiest, kind of UGC is going to be written reviews.

Written reviews may be more mundane, however, in all reality, they are a powerful way that potential customers can discover the quality of your brand. According to some studies, a massive percentage of customers claim to trust online reviews when it comes to checking out a new brand or product.

UGC allows customers to support their favorite brands and voice concerns – but it doesn’t stop at written reviews. Content generated by social media creators who review products has become a massive pull and garnered online audiences of millions. Partnering with content creators to review products has become an important part of strategically reaching the concerned customer.

Influencers, whether they use Youtube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, or any other social media platforms, are generally respected for their opinions which is what makes partnering with them so optimal. When there is natural synergy, between a brand and a content creator, the relationship can be mutually beneficial.

Here are some of the top reasons that UGC content is so important for brand growth.

1. It Brings Credibility to Your Brand

One of the most important things that all types of UGC content does, is that it brings your brand credibility. The truth is, no brand is 100% a match for every single customer. Finding the right type of UGC that your customers will connect with can help you not only establish validity with the existing customer but potential customers as well. The truth is, you don’t want a customer that won’t enjoy your product or service and possibly leave bad reviews that could discourage future potential customers.

Video reviews, Tik-Toks, Reels, and written reviews can help to bring a sense of validity and quality to your brand that customers respond positively to.

2. Shows Confidence

Confidence is attractive to consumers who are looking to invest in your brand. Customers and potential customers want to feel like they are making the best decision possible with their investment. UGC content shows your customers that you aren’t afraid to put your brand to the test.

3. You Can Reach New Audiences

When it comes to partnering with social media influencers to create UGC that shows off your brand, one of the biggest advantages is that you are tapping into their network. Depending on the partnership, this could produce exposure to hundreds of thousands or even millions of new potential customers.

Working with a social media influencer or creator can be beneficial to both parties, especially if they already like your brand. Viral marketing can reach massive audiences and influencers get the benefit of having content to share with their followers and engage with. This is a great way to target audiences that are typically harder to reach with more traditional methods of marketing.

4. Helps Customers Make Easier Purchasing Decisions

This last reason kind of encompasses everything we’ve talked about, but UGC can greatly simplify the purchase decision. When customers see a product they are interested in being reviewed by a user, whether it’s a social media influencer or a great review in the written comments, this can help to convert customers.

User-generated content can streamline the purchase decision for customers in meaningful ways. By establishing credibility and validity for your brand, exhibiting confidence, and utilizing influencers, UGC can help to effectively convert potential customers.


UGC brings a lot of great benefits to the table as a powerful tool for your next marketing campaign. If you have been wondering about how to grow your customer engagement with new audiences, and simplify the purchase decision of potential customers, UGC could be exactly what you are looking for.