Arizona and technological evolution are becoming increasingly synonymous. Over the years the state has moved beyond mining and factory manufacturing to the latest and greatest fields of the tech world. From universities to businesses, the state really is making its mark when it comes to embracing innovation. The range of companies that have set up shop here shows its interest in the diversity the modern age has to offer, now and in the future. If you are simply curious or thinking about moving to Arizona, take a look at the kinds of industries available.

Information Technology

This is a multifaceted sector as it is, but well-represented in Arizona. For example, management services provider cloudIT, a specialist in DaaS, virtual private servers, security systems and more, is based in Phoenix. Data search and analysis experts at Elastic are also present in the same city alongside leading marketing automation companies like Integrate, invaluable in today’s digital market. Apart from established brands, startups are constantly popping up to support existing technological demands or reveal entirely new luxuries.

Artificial Intelligence

Arizona has clearly no intention of missing out on one of the most integral industries of the 21st century. The Eller College of Management Artificial Intelligence Lab serves as a top US research facility, as well as a source of learning for interested students. They can then apply their skills in any of the numerous tech companies that, as we have discussed, exist in Phoenix and across the state. Almost every aspect of the digital landscape has a use for AI and machine learning, so efforts to further grow Arizona’s market are only going to increase.


The tech industry is not just about business. Entertainment plays a major part too. As a result, representatives of mainstream and niche gaming branches are available in Arizona too. Digital Storm, for instance, produces award-winning hardware for casual or competitive action, while Design Works Gaming is on online casino game duty. This last sector is seeing no less of a local and global boost thanks to providers like Mr Vegas Casino, a showcase of popular iGaming titles and services, utilizing top-notch game and web design solutions. Just a sample of the close bond entertainment and technology have developed.


In addition to entertainment, technology can benefit basic needs, such as healthcare. This is quickly becoming an area driving the most impressive and life-changing innovations. Arizona-based providers like Zocdoc and Neolight have the state covered, while also contributing to the industry with their own unique solutions. AI and IoT being among key foundations of medical technology, tasks like talking to a patient, distributing medication or analyzing data are already much easier. Just imagine how much time and stress natural language processing companies like Linguamatics have saved with their digital text-filtering tools.

The industries that make up modern technology are many and rapidly multiplying. Fortunately, Arizona officials saw where the wind was blowing and have taken big steps towards putting the state on the map of leading US innovation. Its related companies range from business management and entertainment to essential services and beyond, an impressive collection that promises greater tech accomplishments to come.