Creating a business name can feel like one of the most challenging tasks of developing a new enterprise. You want something that will draw in the curiosity of potential customers, describe what you do, communicate your business tone, and still stand out among the competition. Consider using a service like Namify to brainstorm some perfect catchy business name ideas. They will help generate names you can use for your business. Namify takes into account these key factors when creating names for your business and you should too.

Pleasing to the Ear

If you want a name that stands out while still being memorable, make sure the business name sounds good out loud. Think a little like a poet when you do this: alliteration (words that start with the same consonant sound), assonance (repetition of the same vowel sound), rhymes, and wordplay are all fair game. Consider business names like Coca-Cola (a perfect example of alliteration with the “c” sound), YouTube (which uses assonance with the repeated “u” sound), Grubhub (tasteful use of rhyme), and Spinfluence (which makes use of a clever yet professional instance of wordplay). A little bit of creativity goes a long way.

Accurate Description

Although clever business names may get you noticed, be sure to balance them with accurate descriptions. If your business is just starting to put down roots, it’s worth ensuring that your name actually tells others what you do. This can be done with surprising conciseness. For example, the business name “Whole Foods Market” quickly and accurately communicates the nature of the store’s products and the services they might offer. While businesses whose names don’t include a description of what they do may still be very successful (think “Apple” or “Uber”), it can be challenging to get off the ground with generic titles.

Search Engine Optimization

To help your business get found, consider including some of the keywords people might use when searching for it. Incorporating the phrases people might use to discover your business on the web might improve your search rankings and help people locate you sooner. For instance, the business “24 Hour Fitness” uses accurate search keywords to get hits both from people looking for round-the-clock gyms and those searching for the business itself.

Originality and Trademarkability 

In order to play fair with the competition and ensure that your brand can grow without getting you in trouble, make certain that your chosen name is truly unique. For businesses establishing themselves in America, the United States Patent and Trademark Office website can be a valuable resource while you’re deciding on an original name. Even if you’re not sure how big your business will grow, it’s good practice to choose a name that will maintain fairness and integrity.

As you work through the process of deciding how to appropriately name your business, be sure to invest enough time into the process to maximize the benefits of a good name. Brainstorm lots of options, try on different names for size, run the ideas past friends and colleagues, and consider enlisting professional help if necessary. A strong business name is foundational to your business’ success — make the most of your enterprise’s name to create one that will serve you well.