With over a million corporate events happening each year in the United States, it can be difficult to differentiate your event from the masses and create a unique corporate event. From venues to food choices, each option can feel overused and not true to your company. However, event planners can create something that is true to the brand and stands out to employees with a few unique changes. These creative tips and tricks may help your next event stand out and impress your guests. 

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Communicate Your Goals and Objectives to a Party Planner or Team

Corporate events typically focus on one main goal for the company, such as expanding its mission or celebrating office accomplishments. This is essential to keep in mind as it can guide your planning. Hosts should create an outline for their celebration that includes the most important information for everyone to know, such as who is coordinating vendors or giving speeches. Businesses can then give this document to a planner or a team within the company to ensure nothing is overlooked. Allowing planners to have access important details like contact information and budget will ensure a seamless event, which will help your guests feel comfortable and relaxed. For example, Ben and Jerry’s communicate their goal of creating a social impact by hosting charity events with companies that promote grassroots initiative. Their communication allows guests to know what to expect and enjoy their service activities. 

Choose a Venue That Matches the Tone of Your Event 

A venue is extremely important to an event, as a location helps set the tone of the celebration. Those looking for a gala should look for a venue that includes valet parking, a plated dinner, and classic décor. These elements help with the continuity of theme and execution. Those without a theme should ensure that their venue matches their brand’s identity and the reason for the event. 

Plan Work Appropriate Activities to Engage Your Guests 

There are a variety of activities that are work-appropriate and can help advance the objective of your celebration. If your event’s purpose is to bring individuals together, a photo booth may be a great option. This encourages attendees to get together, get to know each other, and have fun. Trivia is also a great bonding option. If your business is more service-oriented, individuals can write get-well cards for a local hospital or participate in a mentorship program.

Include Employee Recognition 

Employees want to feel appreciated for their work and honoring them during a celebration is an easy way to do this. Presenting them with a certificate or small gifts can be coordinated with a party planner. This will help employees leave your event happy, with a positive memory, and boost morale. 

Whether you are planning your first corporate event or last, using these tips will ensure your employees stay talking about a seamless event that they truly enjoyed. 

Author: Ben Ostro is CEO of Chateau Luxe. Chateau Luxe is a full-service, special event and conference center located in Phoenix. Visit www.chateauluxeaz.com for more information.