March 1, 2021

Nick Brown

4 unique healthcare degrees to consider

While the recent economic crisis has wreaked havoc on the global job market, one thing that is clear is that the healthcare sector is the most resilient employment market right now. While once-thriving sectors such as travel, dining, and energy have been decimated, demand for healthcare jobs has skyrocketed.

If you are considering a career change that will offer high salaries and guaranteed employment for the rest of your working life, you should be considering what healthcare degrees you can take. You do not have to spend a decade in medical school to become qualified healthcare professional. Rather, you can study healthcare in dozens of different fields to enter the industry in just a couple of years. Read on to find out some unique healthcare degrees to future-proof your career with.

1. Public Healthcare Degrees

If one thing has become glaringly obvious in the past year, it is that effective public policy saves lives. That is why the demand for qualified public healthcare experts and consultants is continuing to skyrocket. Public health degrees are offered at the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels.

They involve training students in law, psychology, public policy, and community health, in order to produce qualified professionals who can guide the health and safety of entire towns, cities, states, and countries. If you want to study a healthcare program, public health is an exciting option.

2. Healthcare Management 

Hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities are essentially hugely complex cities in their own right. That is why healthcare facilities of all stripes need qualified healthcare management professionals to oversee day-to-day operations and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

A healthcare management degree will give you the skills you need to successfully manage hospital budgets, technology, personnel, and goals in order to deliver the best results. You can even take accredited healthcare management online courses to get your degree in just 18 months.

3. Medical Device Technology

The new frontier of health is medical devices and nanotechnology. That is why you should consider preparing for the future with degrees in healthcare that focus on the development and implementation of technologies that are rapidly changing human health.

You can be an engineer, analyst, manager, designer, or consultant. There is a wide range of medical technology courses across the US that will equip you with the skills you need to thrive in this challenging and competitive field.

4. Health Informatics 

Healthcare in the modern world is built on data. Patient records, drug data, analytics, and diagnostics are essential for any well-functioning health system.

In addition, increasingly complex and patient-focused data privacy laws such as HIPAA require qualified professionals to help facilities navigate them. With a degree in health informatics, you can fill the surging demand for healthcare professionals that can manage the data that truly matters.

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