Mental health has become an increasingly important topic in the workplace, and for a good reason. Because of that, many prospective employees are looking for the best companies for mental health in Arizona.

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According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety cost the global economy an estimated $1 trillion per year in lost productivity. As the pandemic aftershocks continue to impact our daily lives, workplaces are increasingly focused on creating a positive culture that supports employees’ mental wellbeing. This includes things like work-life balance initiatives, resource groups for support and education, mental health days off from work, and comprehensive healthcare coverage that includes mental health care.

Companies that prioritize their employees’ mental health are setting themselves up to be leaders in this new era of workplace culture. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits companies can provide to create a healthier workplace environment for their employees.

Why Mental Health Is Important in the Workplace

Mental health issues can have a significant impact on an individual’s ability to perform their job. It can also lead to higher absenteeism and staff turnover, increased accidents and errors, lower morale, and impaired relationships with colleagues.

Work can also be a protective factor for mental health issues. A safe and supportive workplace can be a great source of strength, while also providing an important social outlet. That’s why it is so important to create workplaces that are conducive to good mental health.

In addition, when a company puts an emphasis on mental health, it can lead to increased loyalty among employees and stronger relationships with customers. When happier and healthier staff feel supported by their employer, they are more likely to stay longer in the position, helping the company reduce costs associated with recruitment and turnover.

Benefits of Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

One of the most important things employers can do to support their employee’s mental health is to create a culture of respect and care. The benefits of building workplaces that foster positive mental health include:

Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Companies should consider offering flexible work hours, telecommuting options, and unlimited sick days. This can help reduce stress and help employees better manage their time.

Resource Groups

Establishing mental health resource groups can provide a space for employees to come together, share experiences, and find support.

Health Days Off

Providing employees with a certain number of mental health days at work can help employees manage stress levels and reduce burnout. This also ensures that employees feel safe and supported enough to reach out for help when they need it.

Healthcare That Covers Mental Health Services

It is important for employers to provide comprehensive healthcare plans that include coverage for mental health services. This can help employees access the resources they need to stay mentally healthy.

Positive Workplace Culture Initiatives

Companies should consider implementing initiatives that focus on building a positive workplace culture, such as wellness activities, goal-setting programs, and recognition programs.

As the workplace culture continues to evolve, employers should continue to prioritize mental health and provide a supportive environment that encourages employees to be their best selves. By offering these benefits and incentives, companies can create workplaces that are conducive to good mental health and productivity.

At the end of the day, creating workplaces for mental health is a win-win scenario. It will not only benefit employees in terms of their physical and emotional wellbeing, but it can also have a positive impact on businesses bottom lines.

Traits of a Workplace That Values Employees’ Mental Health

Creating an atmosphere that values mental health can have a lasting positive impact on employees. Here are some of the key traits of a workplace that puts an emphasis on good mental health:

  • open and honest communication
  • respect for individual boundaries
  • acceptance and appreciation of diversity
  • recognition of individual contribution
  • supportive relationships
  • a commitment to safety and security
  • activities that promote positive mental health
  • positive reinforcement of good work habits

By creating an environment that encourages open dialogue, respect, and appreciation, employers can help foster a culture of mental health in their workplace. This will have a long-term benefit on employees’ wellbeing and help create a more productive workplace overall.

Best Workplaces for Mental Health

These companies are ones to emulate when it comes to creating a workplace culture that promotes mental health:


Axon, a public safety technology company that specializes in software, devices and solutions for first responders, offers generous personal time off policies and employee resources, including access to online counseling services, to ensure employees are prioritizing their personal health and wellness. U.S.-based employees can access licensed therapists, coaches, or psychotherapists at any time through its private platform online, for private and on-demand assistance.

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Northern Trust

Northern Trust has also been lauded for their workplace culture that focuses on mental health. They provide employees with flexible work arrangements, paid time off for family leave, and several days of paid volunteer work each year. Northern Trust’s goal is to help team members balance their career with their personal life. The company also offers continuous learning opportunities and a mentorship program to support employees in pursuing their career aspirations.

Ready to explore a healthy work-life balance at Northern Trust? See job openings.


KUBRA is an industry-leading provider of customer experience management solutions to some of the largest utility, government, and insurance entities in North America.Their dedication to their clients undoubtedly extends to their employees. KUBRA puts the well-being of employees above all else with a variety of wellness programs to help keep their employees’ minds and bodies happy and healthy. 

This technology company prides itself on providing a plethora of benefits and support for its employees. Their programs support employees by offering plenty of time off including paid mental health days, free Headspace subscriptions and gym memberships, meaningful work, flexible work schedules, and free resources for mental health education and awareness.

Interested in working for a top company that makes positive mental health a priority? See KUBRA’s open positions and apply today.


Vanguard is more than just a top investment management company. The employee support system at Vanguard is comprehensive and designed to help every employee maintain a healthy and happy mindset. Vanguard employees make a difference every day. This is deeply rewarding, but any work can take it out of you. The Vanguard Total Rewards package is designed to help employees thrive and continue their impactful work. 

Their health benefits include CrewCare, an onsite health clinic, and comprehensive health coverage. Plus, this top company offers extensive time off for mental health rest and family care. Their recognition program is designed to support employees and honor a job well done. 

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Voya Financial

Voya Financial is a leading health, wealth and investment company. Through products, solutions and technologies, Voya helps its 14.7 million individual, workplace and institutional clients become well planned, well invested and well protected. Voya recognizes that its people are essential to the company’s success and they take intentional steps to make employees feel valued and cared for financially, physically and emotionally. Voya promotes mentorship, continuous learning, leadership development, financial wellness, and flexibility. Further, Voya offers a comprehensive compensation and benefits package to make every employee feel valued. Recognized by Fortune as a “World’s Most Admired Companies,” Voya is one of the best companies to work for in terms of work-life balance. 

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The Bottom Line

The workplace culture today is under a microscope, and more companies recognize the importance of promoting mental health and providing their employees with a work-life balance.

Companies like American Express, Axon, Northern Trust, and Voya Financial are leading the way in establishing policies that support the wellbeing of their employees — but the list does not stop there. As more employers recognize the impact that work-life balance and mental health have on their teams, we can expect to see other companies following suit.

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