The law governs our lives more than we can imagine. No aspect of our lives, regardless of how small or trivial we may think it, that doesn’t have a set of rules and regulations. In most cases, we don’t even consider the legal aspect of things, but even if we unknowingly break a law, it can cause serious problems. The constitution provides every individual with rights and responsibilities.

We have to be careful while carrying out certain activities regarding their legal implications. Also, sometimes we are unaware of the rights the law provides us for our protection. Every sector of a country and everyone is governed by laws like businesses, firms, investors, employers, employees, etc. Everyone must follow a set of rules and must also know their rights. Here are five legal rights and legal issues that you must know about.

1. Your Will:

Estate planning or making a will while you are still alive is not only the right of every individual, but it’s also very beneficial as it’s more of a necessity. You have the right to make decisions regarding the distribution of your wealth. Making a will might seem complicated, but it’s very simple. You can even draft an online will, which may take as little as 10 minutes.

You can divide your assets among your spouse, children, friends, or relatives however you want. Also, you can nominate the legal guardian for your minor children in your will in case you pass away. Not only that, you can state if you want to donate your wealth and property to a specific organization or charity. 

Furthermore, you need to decide on who you want to make the executor of your will or someone to give a power of attorney to. If you don’t exercise this right, your family and friends will have to deal with several complex legal issues after your demise.

2. Personal Injury:

If you ever incur an injury that was not your fault and resulted from someone else’s negligence, you can file a lawsuit. For example, if you get into an accident because of the other person’s fault, and you incurred injuries, or your vehicle got seriously damaged, you have the legal right to hold the other person accountable.

Sometimes, a person gets a serious injury that can also lead to a disability. In that scenario, you have the right to receive financial compensation for your medical expenses and lost income. You need to file a case against the person, and you will need a good lawyer for that. Find a good personal injury attorney. The lawyer you hire must be an expert in that specific type of case.

The thing that helps the most in such situations is the evidence. If you have picture or video evidence of the accident, medical certificate, or receipts of the medical bills you faced because of that injury, it can be helpful in winning the case.

3. Copyright Laws:

Nowadays, everybody is busy making memes and GIFs for fun. Or some people also have multiple YouTube channels to earn some money. Whether for earning, educational, or even entertainment purposes, if you use an image, video, audio, sound, etc. that someone else owns and has copyrighted, you will be making a huge mistake. You should always take it seriously and check before using any type of song, video, etc. Make sure you are not violating any copyright laws by using it.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act applies across all possible social networking platforms and channels like Instagram, YouTube, Meta, etc. In case of infringing this law, you will get strike warnings by the respective platform, and your account or channel can be permanently banned in case of multiple notices. So, giving credit is preferable when you use someone else’s original content as a reference or ask for their permission first.

But keep in mind, this law gives you the same rights too. If someone has copied your original content on Meta, Instagram, or YouTube, you can easily report that and get it taken down. 

4. Driving Rules:

Always follow all traffic rules, stop at the stop signs and red signals even when there is no traffic, slow down when the signs say so, etc. Some person or vehicle can unexpectedly come rushing your way, so it’s always better to follow the rules so you will not be at fault, even in case of a serious incident. Always fasten your seatbelt.

There are driving laws that vary from state to state, so educate yourself about such rules. It’s strictly prohibited to take phone calls while driving, and in almost every state, texting while driving is also not allowed. Moreover, in some states, using headphones while driving is also illegal. Make sure you know the rules and also abide by them.

There are on-road rules you need to be aware of too. For example, where and for how long you can park your vehicle on the road, as some states fine drivers for leaving the car door open for too long, etc. Also, while driving, if you feel there needs to be a stop sign at a turn somewhere, it’s your right to make a petition, get it signed by the majority of people in your town/community, and get that sign installed.

5. Tenant Rights:

Your landlord might feel they have more control and hold all the cards, but as a tenant, you have plenty of rights that your landlord can’t take away. First, it’s illegal to reject a tenant based on any type of discrimination, such as age, gender, religious background, ethnicity, etc. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can take legal action against that person.

Similarly, a landlord cannot rent you a house if it does not have basic facilities like access to heat, electricity connection, availability of water, etc. The house must be safe to live in. Not only that, but if you fail to pay rent on time, the landlord cannot cut these things off.

Your landlord cannot enter the house without your permission. You have a right to privacy. They can enter the house only in case of certain instances, like for repairs or showing a new tenant the place, but not without your permission. 


Sometimes unknowingly, you might break a law. From parking your vehicle to renting a house, there are specific rules you must comply with. Similarly, if someone accuses you falsely, or you suffer from a workplace hazard the employer didn’t mention, you have legal rights to get under the protection of the law and receive compensation. Read through these five legal rights and issues to increase your knowledge.