The market is currently saturated with businesses selling pre-made eLearning courses that can help you train your employees and it may appear like you have the ideal answer for your eLearning needs. However,  It is crucial to remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy for training and development for companies.

Businesses nowadays are seeking unique ways to train their personnel, but they can be misled by pre-made training courses. Courses from a brochure or off the shelf are readily available and portable. Unfortunately, there are several drawbacks to pre-made courses. Given that they were created for a mainstream audience, they might not meet the requirements of your particular learners, which would result in incredibly ineffective learning.

Custom eLearning is the best option for you! Custom eLearning courses allow you to modify every part of the curriculum to meet your organization’s objectives. Click to learn more about custom eLearning and the benefits.

Here are 5 more reasons custom eLearning outperforms off-the-shelf-courses:

1. It helps you match learning with organizational training needs.

Every company will have unique company objectives and training standards that can’t be met by pre-packaged modules. The content of your eLearning courses will be tailored to your organizational objectives and training needs if you invest in custom eLearning. Customized learning materials, in contrast to pre-made eLearning courses that are generalized, can be modified to meet specific company objectives and have defined, relevant learning targets. Learners will have a simple understanding of the course’s deliverables if learning goals are aligned with training needs, which will improve focus. For instance, a general training program on data security may not address the issues or requirements specific to your business. However, by offering a unique eLearning course, you can make sure that everything you want in your course is added and that your course is meeting specific needs.

2. It helps you to align training material with your brand identity.

Is the current online training offered by your organization a good representation of your company’s true brand image? The generalized nature of a pre-made program prevents you from clearly showcasing your corporate image. Thus, employing a custom learning solution, so that every component, including the logo, color combinations, and typefaces may be modified to match it to fully build your company’s corporate image is crucial. The company will undoubtedly benefit enormously from this, but how will the employees benefit? The most positive influence on your learners will come from the ongoing experiences you offer. Additionally, when you provide your staff with a custom eLearning course, they will be able to see how thoroughly you customized the learning environment for them. As a result, they may take the training more seriously.

3. It lets you incorporate a variety of digital formats and strategies.

When using a premade course to train your employees, the course may contain many videos but most of your learners don’t have the time to view them and thus switch to the auditory mode.  In such cases, generic courses might not be appropriate to the interests or learning preferences of your learners. With custom eLearning, you may select from a huge selection of digital forms and techniques.

In addition to assisting you in customizing training to the needs of your employees custom learning offers a variety of learning formats, including:

  • Game-based learning
  • Simulation-based eLearning
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Microlearning
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • Video-based learning

A fundamentally efficient learning experience for your learners is ensured by integrating different forms and techniques.

4. It promotes a long shelf life.

It is challenging to update or improve pre-made courses. The regulations of your company or the grievance procedure may have changed after a few months, for example, if you have been using a pre-made eLearning course to train your team on how to avoid gender discrimination. In this situation, you are no longer able to train your workers using the same curriculum. Additionally, since vendors retain the full versions of the modules, you will always need to inform the provider before upgrading or making any other slight alterations.

The exception to this restriction is custom eLearning courses.  Your custom eLearning provider will offer you the source files in combination with the course when you choose customized eLearning. Therefore, adjustments and changes can be made by your internal staff, and you might only need to contact the supplier if you require additional work, like adding a few extra pages. Therefore, new content may be quickly updated and used continuing forward in case the data contained in a course becomes obsolete. Thus,  customized eLearning courses will subsequently have a longer shelf life.

5. It works great with your budget.

People frequently believe that creating a personalized eLearning course will be incredibly costly. Customized courses may initially seem like a considerable expensive outlay when compared to pre-made eLearning courses. However, That isn’t completely accurate, though, because a customized solution produces considerably better outcomes. Furthermore, you receive more value over time when the course is used again, ultimately making it economical, in contrast to off-the-shelf programs that demand subscription and per-user charges. Furthermore, as was previously mentioned, customized eLearning modules have a longer lifespan because of which they can be utilized, cutting costs by eliminating the need to continually build new modules. Additionally, unique eLearning courses can be created for any budget, big or small. The custom eLearning provider will offer you the finest option based on your budget as soon as you inform them of your training needs.

Bottom Line

The top five reasons why personalized eLearning courses perform better than premade courses have been discussed in this article. Premade courses may not be the best choice for you. The ideal choice is to use a custom eLearning solution to create a course that is specially tailored to your company’s needs and organizational structure. Custom eLearning solutions surpass ready-made courses not only in terms of cost and time savings but also because they let you prioritize the areas and skills that should be covered in the context of your company’s operations without sacrificing the course’s level of quality.