In a profession such as nursing, you never really stand still when it comes to learning and developing your skills. A good way of being able to learn while you earn is to look at what a competency-based education (CBE) facility has to offer.

The advantages of CBE transformation services are there for all to see. It allows you to meet current industry standards and keep your career on an upward curve.

One of the most perceived obstacles to that advancement is when you are already busy working and can’t see how it might be possible to continue learning while performing your daily nursing duties.

CBE opens up the possibility of doing both. Here are some compelling reasons why a competency-based education program could be so advantageous.

Your existing skills and knowledge make it easier to embrace the concept of CBE

A very relevant point in your favor when looking at CBE is that you will get due recognition and reward for your existing level of knowledge and ability.

When you are able to demonstrate competency in certain modules that are part of the course this will be recognized and this will help you to progress to the end quicker.

There is flexibility when it comes to working and CBE

It is not reasonable or practical to expect you to abandon your regular working schedule in order to focus your attention on completing the course.

The courses acknowledge that you are a working nurse and offer flexibility so that you can complete the modules at a pace that suits your work commitments.

The chance to build on your experience

The fundamental purpose of embracing CBE is to allow you to build on what you have already achieved and what you already know. You don’t want to feel like you are going back to school, and you won’t.

Courses are designed to provide practical enhancements to your existing skills and knowledge so that you become a better nurse from the point where you are now.

Help you fill the gaps

The way courses are structured is designed to make it easy for you to do things at your own pace and competency levels.

There are bound to be aspects of your work that you find easier or harder. The idea behind CBE is to fill those gaps at a pace that suits you.

Help when you need it

Another key point in favor of embracing the CBE route is that you have an element of control over what level of support and interaction you get.

There will be opportunities to reach out for guidance and support when it is required. If you are content to get the work done with a minimal level of interaction from your tutors, this is also an option.

The idea of returning to education when you are already working might seem a bit daunting. You don’t need to feel that way with CBE. It has been created to boost your education in a way that keeps you in control and allows you to continue your career while adding to your learning.