Trade shows can take a lot of time, money, and effort; the time you put into planning, the money that you pay for stands designers, and several other costs. These things tend to make you feel skeptical about presenting your business at such an event.

According to statistics, 82% of trade show attendees want to buy something. That means four out of five attendees are potential customers. Where else can you have access to this many potential customers in one place?

So, are trade shows worth the stress, time, and money they demand? What do you think? Yes, trade shows are a good fit, no matter the size of your business.

5 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Worth It

Are you still pessimistic about the effectiveness of trade shows, and you need convictions? Here are the reasons you should consider bringing your business to a trade show.

1. Press coverage

Do you know how costly it is to invest in advertisements? If you have the opportunity to advertise your business in newspapers, television, and other media for free or cheaply, shouldn’t you take it?

Cheap advertisement is one of the benefits you stand to enjoy at trade shows. Trade shows don’t just draw the attention of potential customers. They also draw the attention of reporters looking to write about your industry. Therefore, a trade show is one of the cheapest ways to get marketing and PR.

2. Increased exposure

A trade show is a ground where small and medium-sized businesses meet. With reporters covering the shows, other companies, and potential customers also tweeting about it, it becomes a great way to expose your business to the public. Your business press coverage, tweets, and posts related to the event also stand a better chance of coming up in the search results.

3. Potential partnership

Trade shows are a great place to meet other business people who produce products and services that are complementary to yours. You can easily meet these other entrepreneurs and look into ways you can merge your ideas with theirs. You will also be able to make both businesses more successful than they were before.

4. A peek at your competitors

Trade shows bring you close to other businesses in the same industry as you. You get to see their marketing strategies as they try to market to the same crowd. You also get to see new scopes and exciting ideas in the marketplace. You can then come up with a plan to tackle the competitor’s strategy or emulate the worthy ones.

5. Awards

If you have a fantastic product that you want to push into the limelight, going after the awards at trade shows is a way to do it.

Winning a product award at trade shows will give you the leverage you need to push the product. It is also the kind of validation that encourages customers to trust and, or spend on your product.


So, there you have it. When you put these reasons together, it’s easy to see how presenting your business at trade shows translate into business growth, and how you are guaranteed a high return on investment.