When your business is small and it’s just a few employees, things like the dress code may be more relaxed, but as it grows you may be considering what your employees should wear.

Introducing a uniform is an easy option, and can have many benefits for your workplace, so here are just a few of them.

It avoids dress code confusion

In the past, when you attended a job interview, you’d usually be told the dress code and could decide on a work wardrobe.

Generally, office dress codes fall into four categories:

Business formal – the smartest dress code, it will mean suits in solid colors are mandatory for men, and women should stick to pant-suits or skirt suits in neutral tones

Business professional – still a smart dress code, men can usually get away with dress pants and a sports jacket rather than a formal suit, as long as they wear a tie. Women should wear knee length skirts or dresses in solid colors

Business casual – allows for more colorful and comfortable clothes such as sweaters, slacks, checked shirts and cardigans

Casual – while this won’t be as laid back as your weekend wear, casual workplaces usually allow for smart jeans, polo shirts and sneakers

While this may sound quite straightforward, it can be extremely tricky to strike the right balance. Especially when it comes to dress codes in the middle ground where the rules can be quite specific.

By providing a uniform, you avoid confusion and won’t need the hassle of sending people home when they aren’t properly dressed.

Many employees like wearing uniforms

Initially, you may get some pushback to the idea of bringing in uniforms, as people may picture unflattering, retail worker type ensembles. However, many employees actually like wearing a uniform, as they don’t need to spend money on work clothes or go through the hassle of picking outfits in the morning.

It can improve teamwork and productivity

A uniform can create solidarity within a team, and teamwork is good for productivity in general, so it can be good for business. When people put on their uniform, they feel like they are part of something, and it visibly shows they are part of the team.

There are lots of style options

Uniforms can be in many different styles, from suits to t-shirts, so they are suitable for all sorts of workplaces. If you take a look at Jerzees apparel, you can get some ideas for uniforms for your own workplace and find something that suits the dress code.

It makes it easier to identify staff

If you’re in a customer-facing environment, or somewhere where people are always in and out the building, then uniforms make it obvious who should and shouldn’t be there. This is handy for customers, as it allows them to quickly find a member of staff when they need help, and it can also help with security, as you can identify if someone shouldn’t be in a restricted area.

Uniforms are useful in a wide variety of workplaces, from shops to offices, and they ensure your team keeps a professional image at all times.