If you want to retain your best employees, it is important that you provide them with an excellent experience from the moment that they are onboarded.

The good news is there are several simple but powerful ways in which you can give new employees a better experience.

Here are five methods you should definitely consider utilizing.

1. Provide a Well-thought-out Employee Orientation

New employees need to feel comfortable in their roles and understand how everything works, from knowing where the photocopier is to understanding the hierarchy and integration of different departments.

So, providing a well-thought-out orientation for your new employees is crucial.

It will give the new employees a better experience and it will also benefit your company.

The key purpose of an orientation is to get new employees ready for their roles and communicate your important policies.

By implementing a comprehensive and engaging orientation program, you can get new employees up to speed quicker and create a good and lasting impression. In turn, that means you are more likely to retain talent.

It could be a good idea to film an orientation video for new employees. However, make sure that it is done right if you want to engage your new employees and provide them with all the information they require.

2. Give New Employees Meaning and Purpose

While the paycheck will be one of the most important things your business provides employees, if you want to create a better employee experience, you will need to ensure you provide the right tools and environment for workers to be inspired and motivated in their roles.

Today’s employees crave meaning and purpose. They want to know that they are making a difference, so be as transparent as possible and explain how your employees’ roles feed into your organizational objectives.

You can achieve that by doing things like creating a sense of community, providing continuous learning, and offering and receiving feedback regularly.

3. Provide Development Opportunities

Following on from the last point, make sure you provide new employees with the opportunity to develop over the coming months and years.

The more you provide meaningful opportunities, enable employees to engage with training courses to learn new skills, and offer promotion opportunities, the more your employees will be happy and focused in their roles.

So, demonstrate to your new employees that you are invested in them and their careers.

On a regular basis, you should discuss with your employees what your business can do to provide support, resources, and development opportunities.

4. Use a Digital Adoption Platform to Get Employees Up to Speed Fast

Using an excellent digital adoption platform enables you to provide new and existing employees with better experiences because it simplifies technology adoption and seamlessly connects with applications that users already know and use, such as Slack and Salesforce.

You can provide new and existing employees with relevant information in apps without having to disrupt employee workflows.

So, when your company utilizes digital adoption platforms, you can achieve digital transformation, get employees up to speed fast, and enhance the employee experience.

5. Prioritize Employee Appreciation

All employees will value validation and support from upper management. That especially applies to new employees.

Your workers need to know they are appreciated if they are to do good jobs, be happy in their work, and stay with your company in the long run.

So, make sure you prioritize employee appreciation.

In addition to saying “thank you” and “well done” when employees complete tasks to the best of their abilities, you should consider recognizing employee contributions in other ways, such as giving out gifts or awards for meeting sales targets or deadlines.