A resume becomes your face in a professional environment. A recruiter won’t spend minutes of their time, going through minor details in the document, the document should capture their attention instantly! One needs to grasp the attention of a potential employer in mere seconds, like a well planned TikTok video. However, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, venturing out on the streets for job-hunting doesn’t sound like a reliable plan; online job-applications become a lot more feasible.

With an online resume builder, you can build yourself an attractive resume that will surely attract even the strictest of recruiters. For those still unsure of how an online job resume gets made, this article will help clarify your doubts. 

Select an online builder 

Amongst a plethora of resume creator websites, there are a number of such sites, which rank amongst the best in the market. Once registered, you can utilize their facilities with ease, building a fine resume for yourself! With hundreds of preprogrammed templates; these websites come overloaded with top-notch facilities. Some builders come integrated with suggestion providers to help yours through the building process.

Select a template 

One must use a template compact enough to present the entirety of their resume in a single page. A beautiful looking resume earns comparatively more attention, increasing the chance of you getting the job! To build a custom resume, one has to select a suitable template that matches with the individual’s profile. Boring the recruiter with an unattractive template could ruin the chances of you getting the job, no matter your qualifications. Most websites contain attractive, professional templates, with elegant graphic designs and color combinations. 

Accuracy of information 

One must never use an unprofessional looking email address while they create a resume for a potential job. Such an email address looks unattractive, often displeasing the recruiters. You must use a short, unique and elegant email address while working professionally. Accuracy in information becomes an extremely viable factor while building a resume. Address, cell phone number, educational qualification and experience must get accurately stated on the document. Such information becomes the foundation on which your job will stand, helping them understand your professional standing and potential. 

Preview and customization 

Before finalizing and activating one’s resume, one must go re-check their details and examine their resume in the preview screen of the website. One must ensure that any chances of potential errors and mistakes get negated. While previewing, edit anything unnecessary or out of place. You can also check whether the template suits your document or not. 


After completing the above steps on a professional resume builder, one needs to activate their resume and present it on the website. The link to your resume can also get shared on social media websites and emails.

 A professional online resume could become your ticket to a good job and a secure future. One needs to make one’s resume look professional and visually appealing. While building your resume, if you follow the above steps with caution, you could create something so beautiful, that it could guarantee your success!


Bryony Jones is a vivid content writer and loves to write about education-related content. For more information, you can check her blog at pop-pins.com.