Beyond technology and all its advancements, people are also talking about energy. Power. The ways in which we keep our modern world going. The amount of energy that we use is a lot more than we need, but humanity has become accustomed to a certain lifestyle in the first world. It is likely unsustainable.

However, if we use technology to solve energy problems we could continue. The future is uncertain, but one thing’s for sure. We will need to diversify the kind of energy we are using to power the technologies of the future. Below are five technologies we could use solar energy for.


You’ve probably seen videos of robotic arms zipping back and forth on the floor of a warehouse. Automated machines are becoming much more effective at tedious tasks than humans. There is no doubt that we will use robotics to make products in the future, but we will also use robots for other things. For example, the company Sarcos creates all kinds of robotic enhancements.

They make full body suits that not only improve the precision and dexterity of the person, but these products can also protect the person from harm when they are working with hazardous materials, in extreme temperatures, and with sharp objects. There are even remotely controlled robots to eliminate human danger entirely. Robotics require power and solar energy will help keep them working.

Smart Thermostat

Another technology that is facilitating human life is the smart thermostat. While the smart thermostat is meant to save power, it will still require energy when you are heating or cooling your home. Solar panels on the roof of your house can greatly cut down on the costs of your thermostat. Not only will the smart thermostat enable you to turn on the heat or air when you aren’t home, saving you money, they can be powered by the solar energy you harvest at your home. If you want to create a more sustainable household, a smart thermostat powered by solar power is the way to go.

Cryptocurrency Mining

If you know anything about cryptocurrency, you probably know how bad it is for the environment. Mining Bitcoin and other cryptos uses an astonishing amount of energy. If people continue to mine for cryptocurrency and use other blockchain technologies, we need alternative sources of energy like solar. Solar can provide some power for the mining of these digital currencies, but the effort needs to be made in tandem to respond to the high use of power that cryptocurrency mining requires. Solar may not be the answer to this energy issue, but it will certainly help.

Electric Cars

Of course, another issue in the environmental sphere are the emissions from cars. The response has been electric vehicles, but they also need to be powered. With solar energy, the batteries that electric cars have can receive some energy. There’s no wondering why Tesla has warehouses covered in solar panels out in the desert. You need to charge the battery in an electric car, and while the lithium batteries aren’t great for the environment, using solar power to charge them is an environmentally friendly way to do it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Some of the most complex artificial intelligence (AI) units are run on many computers. The amount of power that goes into keeping an AI running so that it improves exponentially is no joke. Solar power is just one way to run these computers, but other methods will surely need to be used. When it comes to AI, it’s difficult to determine what the right move is. After all, AI systems will improve a lot in human life and provide solutions to energy problems.

The relationship between energy and technology is complicated, but as the technology advances solutions to our power problems will arise. Some believe that tech is our only way out of this issue, and they have a point. We need to innovate the way that we power our world and use technology to our benefit. To create a more environmentally friendly culture and society, we need technology to help us out. Embracing AI solutions and other tech benefits will help our society progress and become more sustainable.