Purchasing a used forklift truck is a good deal if you are tight on a budget yet need all the necessary vehicles to operate properly. Buying a used forklift truck is surely going to save you a lot of money but that doesn’t mean compensating with the quality and usability.

A forklift truck that asks for more repair than the work it does is of no use. Thus, you should be very careful while making the purchase as you don’t want to invest a single penny on a useless vehicle. Whenever you think of buying a Used Forklift Truck or forklift hire, prefer a seller you can trust.

Other than that, keep these 5 things in mind before purchasing a used forklift truck.

1. Go through multiples models before settling for the right fit

Just because you want to save money doesn’t mean you should buy whatever comes the cheapest. Go through multiple models before finding the right fit for your purpose. The idea is to choose such a forklift truck that will prove beneficial to your work. Find your purpose of buying a used forklift truck and note down the reasons for which you want the vehicle.

After that, meet a good supplier or someone who is experienced in the field and find the vehicle that has all the features to suit your demand.

2. Check if the forks are in a good position

Before finalizing your purchase, check if the used forklift truck is in a good condition. Look if there is any wear and tear along with its severity. If there are cracks on the vehicle, it’s not going to be a good decision to buy it as you are deciding to enter into a cycle of replacing it continuously.

Also, pay close attention to the thickness of the fork shank. The thickness should match with the upright fork shank. If the thickness is not the same as the upright fork shank, then it’s not worth buying it.

3. Take a Test Drive before the final decision

Surprisingly, not everyone takes a test drive before buying a used forklift truck which can later prove to be a loss-making decision. Just looking at the truck and checking its exterior is not enough… you have to take a test drive to be fully sure of the vehicle’s condition.

Make sure to check the most important feature of the vehicle – its lifting mechanism. If it’s not working properly, go for another one. Other than that, the most sensitive areas to get affected by wear and tear are the brakes and the steering. Hence, check if the brakes and steering are working smoothly.

4. Check the tires and lift chains

If the tread is low, then the tires are not in a good position. Other than that, look at the tear line or the lettering of the tire, if the tire has worn past the line and lettering, then there is an urgent need to replace the tires as soon as possible. Another red flag is the availability of chunks.

When it comes to lifting chains, it should be in a good position to serve your purpose. Check if there are any missing links or any cracks in the chains. You can also look out for wielding marks that determine how many times the chains were repaired.

5. Get access to the used forklift truck’s documents

Buying any vehicle or property requires access to all the documents related to it. You are making a purchase decision to make your work easier, not to worry about the unexpected breakdowns a malfunctioned vehicle is going to give you. Hence, look for these documents before you make a used forklift truck’s purchase:

• Warranty

• CE Certificate

• Manual (so you know all the possible features and ways to properly use the vehicle)

• LOLER Certificate

• CE mark on the truck

• Manufacturer’s identity plate

• Manufacturer’s capacity plate

In case the warranty period for the forklift truck has expired, ask for a warranty from your supplier.

Over to you …

The statistics say that forklift overturning is the number one cause of forklift accidents. It accounts for 24% of all the accidents caused by forklift trucks. Hence, it’s advised that you check for all these 5 things and a reputed seller before purchasing a used forklift truck to enjoy a safe and useful experience.