Moving to a new office space is extremely demanding both mentally and physically, but it’s also an exciting chapter in your business’ story.

Regardless of how big or small your office space may be, relocating is still a huge undertaking that needs time to plan to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible. If you have never moved between properties before, you may feel overwhelmed by the very idea of the upheaval– after all, there are so many specifics to think about. Rest-assured, this useful guide will give you some crucial tips to bear in mind for the months beforehand:


The key to any successful office move is preparation. Aim to be organized in the weeks ahead by creating databases and tick lists which can be easily accessed and updated once tasks are completed. You should also include an additional list of the jobs that are to be undertaken by your employees. Knowing exactly what is happening and when will limit confusion and stress and ensure that every single member of staff is informed of their specific duties.

Self-storage facilities

There may be a period in-between the move where you have to empty your current premises and wait until the new office space is available for you to move in.  In this case, it would be advised to hire a self-storage facility to store all of your furniture and equipment before you’re given the keys to the new property. You can find storage units near you with secure keypad access and video camera monitoring to ensure your belongings are safe at all times. You also get a free truck rental on moving day, which will save you cash and limit additional stress.

Assign a project manager

While you may believe that you are well-prepared for the move, running a business alongside an office relocation can become too much. It would be in your best interests to select a project manager who is happy to oversee the office move and make sure that things are evolving as required, while you concentrate on the running of the business. The project manager should be an employee you can trust, has proven organizational skills and can manage multiple tasks at one time.

Inform your suppliers and customers

If your suppliers deliver to your office, ensure you inform them at least one month before the move that you’re relocating. You should also notify your customers of your new address and when you expect the business to be back up and running. Don’t forget to get in touch with Google and explain your business has moved location so that customers who browse for your business address online can head to the right place.


Your office can become extremely cluttered over time, so take this opportunity to get rid of the things that aren’t used and are taking up space. You may wish to bin files, old papers and clutter that doesn’t need a place in your new office and sell or donate old furniture and equipment to charities.