Whenever you are investing, it is important to keep some basic principles in mind. First, no investment is risk-free, so you must take every step to protect yourself and give yourself the best chance of success.

Here are five tips to remember when investing in crypto.


Any investment you make should be based on solid research. You are risking your capital, so you do not just want to be doing it on a feeling.

If you are new to crypto, make sure you understand the ins and outs of what you are getting into by educating yourself. It is no guarantee of success but reading the right resources will give you a better platform to make good investments.

Make sure you are putting in your research, as it is well worth the effort.


Fraud tends to be one of those things we never think will happen to us – until it does.

You must be taking your online security seriously, and this also applies when you are trading crypto. Make use of innovative products like the crypto hardware wallet and make sure your investments are protected at all times.

Crypto was built for the modern world, making sure you are taking advantage of it by taking every security measure.

Stop Losses

A stop loss is a minimum point at which you are willing to trade your coin. It is there so you can plan ahead and keep yourself accountable when trading.

It is easy to get carried away with emotions, especially when trading such a volatile asset, but you still need to think rationally and stop losses to help you do this. It is a difficult skill to limit your losses, but if you are planning ahead and making the most of these features, then you have got a better chance.

There are lots of in-built tools to help you get the most out of your trading, so make sure you are using them.

Control the FOMO

You cannot afford to have a fear of missing out because sometimes you are going to miss out; that’s just life.

If you start making trades just because you are worried, you are going to miss out, then it is much more likely you will get in – on a loss. It is easy to be impulsive with these things, but you have got to try and control the FOMO and make evidence-based decisions.

Sometimes it will go up, sometimes it will go down, and you will not always be right, but you cannot worry about FOMO.

Accept the Reality

Crypto is volatile, and you have just got to accept this.

If you are willing to accept it can go up very quickly, then you have got to accept that it can come down just as quickly. There are plenty of other things to trade in that offer more security, so if the volatility is not for you, then accept it.

You have got to take the rewards with the risks, and this is vitally important to understand before investing in crypto.