The number of Facebook users who watch a video on the platform has already crossed 500 million. Did you know that video content across the internet accounts for more than 80% of all online traffic? The numbers are similar across Instagram’s IGTV. All this talk of video content and we are still nowhere close to the end of this discussion.

The reason I have started with these statistics is that this is the beauty of the internet. Sharing and browsing content is mere clicks away. That said, a significant problem arises with such easy content creation. Making sure your posts and videos go viral has become a daunting task now. Social media evolves every day. As a platform learns its users’ habits and interests, it adjusts their feed. People themselves are also unpredictable. They can randomly decide to start browsing a completely different topic altogether.

With so much competition, you want more Facebook likes and comments to make sure your posts go viral. There are hundreds of websites where you can buy Facebook likes for your posts. To filter the top 10 out from this infinity, visit this page. And if you are looking to go viral, here are 5 other clever ways to do exactly that:

1. Originality matters

Be original when it comes to what you create. But be only half-original when it comes to how you create it. For that, be half-creative instead.

Let me explain. Since the amount of content across social media is infinite, keep creating new content so that people do not get bored. However, there is a certain style of posts that goes viral. Do not change this style too much on a whim. If you must come up with a brand-new style of content, don’t do what Microsoft did with Windows 8. We all know how that turned out.

Originality in content is essential. Originality in your style of content must strike the right balance between ingenuity and familiarity.

2. Be trendy

When you follow my first advice, don’t overdo it. While creating something that is yet non-existent is essential, so is creating something that matters. Facebook has removed its “What’s Trending” feature. However, you can still browse and research to see what’s cooking across the internet and target that.

This advice works best with other platforms. In any case, you want to stay relevant to what your audience is demanding. With the younger generation, certain memes are evergreen, while others are transient and quickly dissolve into the bowels of the web. By staying up to date on such trends, you can quickly gather a large number of Facebook likes and views.

3. The “Would I share this?” test

The quickest way to know whether your post is worth the audience’s time is to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself the following questions.

• Would I share this?

• Would I tag my friend(s) in it?

• Forget all that, would I even watch/read this till the end?

If you got a “no” to any of these questions, then chances are that your content will not go viral. While your love for your content is not guaranteed to send it to the top of the trending ladder, but why would someone else care to read/watch your content if you won’t either?

4. Collaborate

And connect! You have milliseconds to create an impact and then your opportunity is “poof!” So, unless you are already immensely popular, you will not be able to go viral solo. You will need all the help you can content.

Start by finding people who produce the same type of content as you do. Collaborate with them and request them to share your content on their channels/pages. Not only that, help them in return as well. You can do so by commenting on and liking their posts. Share a few posts from other creators so that you can build a rapport. Never, and I mean NEVER, post anything without giving credit to the original creator.

5. Finally, keep your quality top-notch

An important factor that Facebook considers while adjusting people’s feeds is regularity. But if you sacrifice quality for the sake of regularity, you might as well not try at all. For content that is repeatedly and perennially viral, keep the following factors in mind:

Audio: The keener ones of you might have noticed that a 480p video with good sound quality feels far better than a 4k video with awful sound quality. Your ears are sensitive and with earphones, the noise factor multiplies several folds. Hence make sure your sound work is good even at its worst.

Lighting: Unless you are producing a Batman movie, keep your lighting optimum. No one likes a dark, dingy, and invisible video. That said, no one likes their eyes to be burnt to crisp either. Keep it balanced.

You have 5 seconds to “hook” your audience. If their attention gets lost within those 5 seconds, they will scroll away, and your opportunity will get lost.


One last tip I would like to share is that your audience is your lifeline. Hence, make them feel heard and important. For that, engage with them and respond to their comments, even if it is something as simple as a “Thank you.” Further, hold polls and other engagement activities, promise a few giveaways if you can afford it, and deliver. That way, your audience will get hooked in just a few posts.

If you have any more tips that we missed, feel free to share them with us through the comment box.