YouTube has always been a hub for marketers to launch their products for better promotion and more exposure to the public. Though there are many other social media sites which can help with the promotion of a business. But through YouTube, Marketers can present their objectives and goals, their stories and connect with people who are potentially interested in their services and can prepare a well settled YouTube marketing strategy. Here are some of the ways through which your YouTube Channel can look more professional.

1. Create a Business Account

You can create a business account by following the below steps.

1. Log into “YouTube” using your Google account details.

2. Go to your YouTube channel page.

3. To create a new brand channel, click “Create a new channel”.

4. Enter your brand name and click “Create”.

Now, your brand account would be open and would be visible along with your main account and any other channel (if created).

Your brand account gives you access to YouTube Analytics which can be a big help for the people who have created a YouTube account for the first time. It helps you analyze what kind of response is getting from the audience and what kinds of videos are they liking the most, etc. through the data of your analytics, you can decide the kind of videos would be a good option for you to upload or kind of videos would be suitable for your channel.

2. Construct a Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the collection of all those elements which makes your brand to be visible to the audience. It can be the Brand Name, Logo, color or design which can indicate the company’s goals and objectives.

In YouTube, the things that represent your Brand Identity are as follows:

Channel Banner

Channel banner is the first thing that becomes visible when someone visits your channel. It is the header of the channel and contains the necessary details of the Brand. There are three major parts of the Banner.

• Icon

You can choose for it to be the Brand Logo or anything that represents the Brand.

• Channel Art

It is the area blank at the back of the Icon and is made for the individuals to customize it themselves according to their preferences. It makes the channel page look more attractive and lively.

• Links

You can add your Social Media handles at the bottom of the banner so that the new visitors can see your details easily and can also reach you through different social media sites.

2. “About” the Channel

The channel has an “About” section where you can write about your channel. Here you can mention your brand and tell people about your goals and objectives in a short and precise manner.

You can add the details of your website as well as social media. It assures the people visiting your channel for the first time about your authenticity.

3. Customize your Channel

Now, as you are mostly done with framing your channel, you should look into videos which are visible on the channel.

Categorization of your videos and dividing them in the different playlist can make them more the channel much easier to navigate and the content much easier to use. Remember to divide them in such a manner that the matter of the videos of one playlist should be relevant to each other.

You can also define the videos that should be visible to the new audience who are visiting the page for the first time and or the old visitors who have visited your channel before. As both of them require a different set of videos. The new visitors want to know about your channel and old visitors would like to know the newest releases for your channel. So, we can define them according to our visitors.

You can also divide the videos and playlist into different sections if you have playlists with the varying genres.

4. Compose a Trailer

Compose a trailer introducing yourself and brand which can help gain attention and to promote your YouTube channel. Channel trailer is a short video which allows you to introduce yourself to new visitors to your channel. You can use it to show new viewers what the channel is all about and why they should watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

5. Concoct a Channel Visibility

There are many ways such as social media and other techniques to increase the channel’s visibility. The two in-built options which can help in increasing the visibility of the Channel are:

1. Add Channel Keywords

To add “channel keywords”

1. Click your profile icon in the top right.

2. Choose Creator Studio from the dropdown menu.

3. Click “Advanced” from “Channel” option in the left menu.

4. Enter the keywords relevant to your content in the “Channel keywords” section.

2. Allow Channel recommendations

1. Turn on the option to allow your channel to appear in other channels’ recommendations from the Channel recommendations section.

2. Save the settings.

All these things can make your channel look more sorted and planned out. It is more professional in the layout and easily understandable. This makes it gain more attention.