It’s important to save money for your business by lowering your overhead costs. You want to gain more money in your pocket and see higher profits. One way to do this is to examine your expenses and cut down on unnecessary utility costs. Other ongoing costs associated with your business, such as your payroll costs, inventory, taxes, or lease payments, cannot be reduced as they are mandatory for your business operations. But utility bills are controllable expenses that have the most potential for savings. Fortunately, there are many ways you can cut these costs. Here are some useful ways to save money on your utility bills and maximize your profits.

1. Purchase Energy-Efficient Office Equipment

One of the smartest decisions you can make while setting up your business is to buy or lease office electronics that are energy star rated. Appliances rated by energy star are certified and deemed energy efficient. These appliances require minimum energy to operate, thus reducing your energy consumption and lowering your utility bills. They are extremely useful in managing the utility costs of your business.

2. Turn Off Lights and Equipment When Not in Use

You would be surprised by the amount of energy those printers, monitors, and computers consume when not in use but still left running. Make sure to turn on the Sleep Mode or completely unplug them when closing the office so that you don’t have to pay for energy you are not even using. Make it someone’s duty to do a quick check every day to turn off idle equipment. Also, if you have microwaves, coffee makers, or TVs in your office, make sure they also stay off overnight. One tip here is to connect all these devices to a single power strip so you can turn all of them off at once.

3. Regularly Maintain Your HVAC System

It’s important to change the filters of your HVAC system regularly and keep all vents clear of furniture. It’s surprising, but blocked vents can cause your system to use 25 percent more energy to maintain the temperature in your office space. Inspect, repair and maintain your unit as often as recommended. Do not ignore an inefficient and malfunctioning air conditioning unit. It’s leaking your money and you must get an AC repair. Get your HVAC unit inspected by a maintenance service at least once a year.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature of your workplace when no one is there. Set your thermostat to turn on the cooling or heating unit 30 minutes before the opening time of your business and turn it off 30 minutes after you close. The programmable thermostat will adjust the temperature of your workplace, thereby saving your energy costs.

5. Use Green Energy to Power Your Business

You can install solar panels or other green energy sources to power some or all parts of your facility. Using renewable energy sources can help power your business energy needs and save on your bills. Another advantage in using green energy sources is that they are free of harmful emissions like CO2 and other greenhouse gases.