You may perceive that trends are likely to come as fast as they go, especially with plenty of factors shaping and modifying them now and then. In the Web Design Services Industry, the advancement of technology, and the change of the audience’s taste significantly impact the trends today.

What’s more, the development of usable and accessible technology solutions alters how much you can accomplish with a WordPress website. For this reason, it is not only critical to know the demands of the visitors. But, as well as the current trends that are influencing the market.

Here are five WordPress Web Design Trends in 2020 that will help you stay ahead of the competition. Read on!


A lot of web design trends in WordPress this year will be about blocks. It started with the arrival of Gutenberg (block-based standard editor). Additionally, in the coming months, the next releases will have the same regulation applied to widgets, menus, etc.

Aside from that, Gutenberg gains continuous development and improvements, casting new features. Thus, making it more comfortable and easier to use. Furthermore, it has given rise to deliberate efforts by website developers, creating lots of plugins that improve and upgrade the editor.

Another thing, block directory comparable to the plugin and theme directories, will come this year, according to Matt Mullenweg. Plus, you may be able to install blocks directly from the director.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

An increasing number of users prefer to use the drag and drop page builders as their way of editing, especially with the Gutenberg editor’s overwhelming success. Putting the block and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) system into action, with several clicks, users can build their website pages in this type of editor.

What’s more, it is code-free, beginner-friendly, and easy to use. This WordPress Web Design trend was motivated by the trend of user-friendly website builders that have spearheaded the market of creating websites in a significant way.


This trend in the web design scene will become popular due to the increasing need for fast load speeds. Rather than slacking up or slowing down, minimalism is a reappearing trend that shows no indications of stopping because it helps website navigation, SEO, and speed hugely.

Website navigation is especially important for getting rid of nuances that keep users from appreciating your content. Not only that, but it is also essential for conveying an excellent customer experience. Thus, visitors can get and enjoy a clutter-free and clean website.

Video Backgrounds

As we’ve mentioned above, there is an increasing demand for fast load speeds. For this reason, the popularity of the video background trend may fall down for a while. Still, you can look forward to its tenacious comeback soon as video backgrounds turn out effective and efficient at cutting down bounce rates and capturing the attention of the visitors.

Moreover, the consolidation or combo of video copy makes a riveting experience that leaves a great first impression. What’s more, you can hand out more data or info without being pushy or overcrowding the web page with text groups.

Video backgrounds are especially helpful and beneficial if you have struggles in keeping your audience engaged. With a lot of countries noticing constant development in internet infrastructure and the upcoming advanced video compression, fast connections, and 5G innovation, you will have a fast loading site and a video background.

Dark Mode

This trend focuses on utilizing almost-black backgrounds with a few lighter elements. Dark mode commenced in code editors or text editors as a means to relieve eye strain. And now, it became a huge trend on the web.

This web design trend is discernible in various ways. Say, for example, you have many websites that use dark mode as their primary theme. But, you have sites such as Reddit that allow users to switch between dark and light design.

Moreover, as we’ve pointed out, dark mode is less brutal on the eyes compared to seeing white screens. Other than that, it helps elements like colors to stand out and emerge. Lastly, using this theme cuts down the energy consumption of your device, which makes web design greener.


Trends do come and go, particularly the Internet, which is an ever-changing environment. Some, such as blocks, remain due to the basic changes of how we access or use the web, while other trends are short-lived that we tend to forget quickly.

As many people become aware of the significance of having their own website (whether for personal or business use), the competition is indeed getting stronger than ever. And for you to survive this cutthroat competition, an engaging and attention-grabbing website is needed. Stay on top of your game by keeping up with the current trends in the Web Design Industry.