In the age of social media, many business leaders are learning that being Instagrammable or Tiktok worthy will help their business get ahead. As social media continues to be a pillar in most of our daily lives, these businesses are utilizing the platform to their advantage. Finding ways to stand out on social media should be part of their business plan to stand out from competitors, generate buzz, and create a chance to go viral in order to bring in new customers. Doing so will ensure the business stays on trend and is successful.

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Instagram and Tiktok is a significant component of how consumers desire to connect in an organic and authentic way. They can, however, be quite particular about where they choose to invest their time and money. Businesses can sell a great product or experience, but without an online MOMENT, customers will move on to the next, prettier place. This is particularly true of younger, more tech-savvy customers who are always looking for décor and backdrops that would look good on social media. 

Sydney Crimmins is the owner of Scottsdale-based Garden Party Girls.

Here are the best ways to make a small business Instagrammable:

Strategic Placement – Any photo-worthy accents added to a business should make sense to the flow of a customer’s experience. It’s important to visualize a consumer’s journey from start to finish. Where do you want their eyes to be drawn? Do the accents create a pleasing photo? Does the lighting work with the decor? Are these moments placed in a location within the business that feels natural to their journey through your establishment? It’s extremely important to consider these questions when designing your space.

Be Original to Your Brand – By developing a visual design for the company, business owners can incorporate the brand identity into their Instagram feed. Make sure to design a style that complements the actual physical location and can be maintained for a while. The interior design choices made should all be consistent with the brand’s overall aesthetic and draw visitors in as soon as they enter. What is the feeling you want your customers to have when they see your brand on social media and do they get that exact feeling when they walk in your door?

Angles are Everything – If a space is photogenic, more people will post pictures of it online and, in turn, promote business. Play with unique angles as an eye-catching attraction to lure consumers in. Many times a change in perspective can give the illusion of different experiences in the same space.

Visual Uniqueness with Textures and Tangibles – People want to see pictures of unique or intriguing design objects. A neon sign, a statement light fixture, or florals are all good options. Textures can really help your guests feel immersed in your business.

Make it POP – In this case, over the top is better. Customers will be intrigued and more tempted to take photos in a business’s storefront if it has a unique installation or interesting color incorporated on walls, furniture, or with plants. You really want to use this concept to create uniqueness with your brand. People should see your business aesthetic  and know who it belongs to.

Change it Out to Keep Customers Guessing – If a business has found a theme that is appealing to customers, it may be tempted to avoid changing it. However, constantly reviving the space keeps the company on trend and encourages visitors to be more interactive and even look forward to visiting your hotspot. The décor should always reflect the business’ personal theme while also keeping current on trends. You want your guests to have a reason to keep coming back. 

Turning your business into an aesthetically pleasing location is pertinent to your success. While it is a long-time investment, it can have a huge return on investment in terms of social media engagement and brand loyalty. Having an aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable business will also at the very least draw in social media-savvy customers with large followings and make your space a hotspot!


Author: Sydney Crimmins is the owner of Scottsdale-based Garden Party Girls, an event design company that specializes in commercial floral installations and “Instagrammable” spaces for advertising and marketing. The one of a kind installations allow local businesses to stand out and bring in guests who are looking for an over the top experience. Crimmins also designs corporate or private events for 50 people or more. For additional information visit