When planning a corporate event, you want to find a balance between professionalism and entertainment with just the right amount of indulgence. Whether the event is for staff, clients, prospective clients or all of them together, hosting the right event could make a huge impact on your business future. While it’s tempting to try and come up with a completely original theme, it’s important to remember that the event should have mass appeal so your attendees can find common ground and know what to expect. To help you choose the right theme for your corporate event, here are 6 of the most popular to consider.

1. The Classic 1920s

The 1920s is a class choice because it includes everything we want in an event: dancing, fashion, and sophistication. Flapper dresses, fur coats, smoking jackets, feather boas and bowler hats will transport your guests back to the world of Great Gatsby instantly with some glitter and cocktails thrown in for good measure.

2. Wild West

For a more informal event, introduce your guests to their wild sides with a trip to the Wild West. Saloon bars, cowboy hats, fancy dress booth, barrel shooting games, and the always popular mechanical bull rental will ensure no one leaves without a smile on their face. Give out prizes for the person who stays on the longest and you’ll inspire a great atmosphere of competition.

3. Carnival or Circus

A carnival or circus-themed event is perfect for the summer, especially if you can secure an outdoor venue. With tents and booths dotted all around with games, entertainment and delicious food and drink you attendees will be spoilt for choice. Finish with bright and bold decorations as well as your company logo for maximum visual impact.

4. Masquerade Ball

Very few people are given the opportunity to dress up like a fairy tale character, but the beautiful masquerade ball gives them the chance. Not only is it the height of sophistication and glamor, but you can also ask guests to arrive in masquerade masks to add the intrigue of guessing who is who. You could even turn this aspect into a game with prizes to be won. It’s a must for any business looking for drama and elegance in their event.

5. James Bond

Always a favorite is the spy and villain dynamic, with many choosing a James Bond black-tie theme. It keeps the event sophisticated while adding an element of edginess and danger. There are plenty of games and forms of entertainment which suit the theme, such as a casino table. Themed cocktail masterclasses are also a great touch.

6. Winter Wonderland

If your event is taking place during the winter season then a winter wonderland is almost a no-brainer. It’s a hugely versatile theme that lends itself well to exuberant decorations, sparkle and indulgent food and drinks. Depending on your guest list and the nature of the event, you could even include a fancy dress aspect with the best costume winning a prize. Alternatively, you could make it a more formal occasion with black tie and ball gowns.