The Idea Hunter Method

After school, my English was at the zero level: I only knew “ah like” and “hello”. Now the problem is obvious to me: we were punished for mistakes! What’s more, the class taunted me when I made a mistake, the more advanced students constantly made satirical jokes about my accent, and the teacher gave me failing grades. All these factors gave rise to a desire to speak a foreign language as little as possible. But this closeness is the main enemy of the student.

From high school to my 3rd year of university, my English remained at the same lowest level, and I really wanted to just talk to foreigners on the streets of my hometown! Instead, I just smiled at them, and that was the end of our communication. With the help of interesting solutions from Langly, you can improve your English without routine.

In my third year, I began to travel first on student programs, then on my own. Now I tell you how to quickly acquire new knowledge.

I remember the very first experience of communication. I tried to talk about myself and made a lot of mistakes: I didn’t put prepositions, used tenses incorrectly, and all this with a “hard accent” sauce. What happened next? What happened when guys from other countries heard my speech? Instead of generating jokes, they tried to understand me! They just asked: say differently, explain to us what you want to say! Then I realized what I was missing.

In the first year my English improved tenfold! I began to understand! Understand most of what is being said to me. How many same was emotions. This is a new world!

Here are top tips  on how to learn English quickly.

To talk easily and not be embarrassed:

1)  Stop going to English courses! They are useless!

2)  Learn semantic words, in particular, verbs

3)  Stop being ashamed of your mistakes. By a set of words, they will definitely understand you, but with competent sentences, but with a stingy vocabulary, you will feel your defenselessness.

4)  Watch your favorite series and movies in English! Try to understand first with subtitles, and then without. Do not try to translate every word – understand the general meaning.

5)  Practice! Surround yourself with interesting people (international organizations, communities on the Internet, for example, online chat with foreigners).

6)  And, of course, travel!

What are the advantages of knowing English?

+ You can understand more than 5 billion interesting people  from all over the planet!

+ You will travel and explore  the world without borders  and fears of getting lost.

+ You will be able  to watch films  in the original language (and the original intonation is the main thing in the film).

+ You will be able to conduct  international business.

+ You will be able to make friends all over the world!

Moreover: learning a language makes the brain work hard, and the brain, like the whole body, needs constant charging.

It’s as easy and fun as reading a book! Just take the first step. Today. You will see – your life will change!