February 14, 2022

Eric Kelly

6 ways to advance your nursing career

There are so many rewarding benefits of being a nurse. You actually make a huge difference in the community, can positively impact other people’s lives on a daily basis, and are at the forefront of improving and saving the lives of others. While it is sometimes physically and emotionally demanding, there is earning potential and a range of diverse opportunities. Here are six things to think about if you are looking to advance and move up the career ladder in nursing.

1. Consider Specializing

There are multiple directions to take when it comes to nursing; when you start out, you usually get given a taste of a range of different wards and specialties to give you the option to find which path of nursing it is you want to take. By specializing, you are taking a focus and developing your skills in one particular area, heightening your career prospects.

2. Watch and Listen to Your Colleagues

The best people to learn from are those around you. Nurses need to cooperate and help each other out to provide the best and most efficient patient care. Watch those in the positions that you want to be in, see how they work, watch their attitudes and behaviors and mimic this in your own work. Listen to the feedback you get given and use this constructively to develop your skills further.

3. Further Study

The healthcare industry is consistently developing, evolving and learning, and as a nurse, you should be too. Taking on extra study shows your commitment to the role while continuing to progress your abilities and advancing your career. Choosing to study online programs from UTA.edu means you can continue your healthcare education while maintaining any professional and personal responsibilities that you may have.

4. Networking

There are many other ways to network other than with your current colleagues and managers. Attend any events, open days, recruitment fairs, conferences or other groups in your area to further your knowledge and get a feel for what is out there. By talking to people from different areas of the healthcare profession, you can get advice and recommendations that may be useful in advancing your career.

5. Find a Mentor

Don’t just observe and talk to your colleagues; finding an experienced nurse that is willing to let you shadow them and be your mentor is invaluable in a nursing career. Nurses experience things that are unimaginable to those with your average 9 to 5, and having someone that has dealt with these things personally to help guide your professional career and be invested in your progress is a powerful tool.

6. Consistent Growth

Growth and learning are not linear. You will always have good days and bad days. But it is knowing how to take those bad days and turn them into a valuable learning experience that is key to being able to advance in your nursing career. You are constantly experiencing new things, and are not expected to know everything, so take it easy on yourself and use these experiences to grow and develop.

Everyone wants to progress with their career, and as a nurse, these are some sure ways to help you advance further up the ladder and grab hold of those career prospects.