If you’re a dentist, it’s the perfect time to invest in dental marketing. Most dental patients are internet savvy. Research shows 68% of dental patients use the internet to search for dental services.

As a dentist, your work can be overwhelming but getting new clientele doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you focus on the following dental marketing hacks, you can grow your clientele. After you’ve finished reading this and creating the best new marketing strategy for your practice, you might want to consider how much it is worth. There are various dental practice appraisal methods available that can help you determine the true value of your practice.

1. List Your Practice in the Top Dental Directories

Most top dental directories get high levels of credibility. They are the users’ number one source of dental information. Before visitors come to your business, they check your registration on online listings.

Users can pick your address, website URL, contacts and location from directories. Including your dental business in most directories increases your rankings in search engines.

Most customers trust online recommendations so positive reviews can help draw more leads to your business. Find the top local dental directories and update your business information. Meanwhile, you can start with the following listings:

  • Every Dentist
  • Find-A-Dentist (The American Dental Association)
  • com
  • Super Dentists

2. Polish Your Google My Business Page

Google has done a great job simplifying the process of locating businesses. If a user wanted dental services near their place, they’d jump to Google for a quick search. If your Google My Business Page has all the details, users can either visit your website or call.

The beauty of a Google My Business Page is it may contain users’ reviews. If they are positive and responded to in a timely manner, you can expect more business credibility.

Sometimes your prospects might not see your business in search results because Google expects complete profiles. Missing some details can affect your search rankings.

It’s time to polish your Google My Business Page. Make sure you input all the relevant information about your business. Let your page show customers what you do. Ensure your data is always correct.

3. Revamp Your Website

Your website is like your online dental office. You always keep your dental office clean and well organized. You should be considering doing the same to your digital home to make sure it reflects your physical space well.

A website is the center of all your dental marketing efforts. It links to your social media profiles, directories, and Google My Business Page.

Here’s the trick to a user-friendly dental website ─keep it as professional and up-to-date as possible. Make sure the navigations are easy to use and the loading speeds are super fast. Given most users prefer phones over desktops, optimize the website for mobile phones.

Include features like online booking for appointments. Add prescription renewals, online payments, and web chats for user-friendliness. Be sure the website is secure to protect the user’s credentials.

4. Start a Positive Dental Blog

Providing useful information earns you the trust of users and search engines. As a dentist, you’re an expert. Customers need your knowledge to improve their dental problems.

Consider 47% of customers view up to five blog pieces before contacting a sales rep. More quality blogs are a nutritious meal to search engines. Google can raise your search rankings and get your business closer to quality leads.

In dental marketing, a blog is a useful tool that can help to keep users engaged. Users want to interact with your business before appointments. If your blog content is shareable, it can increase engagement on social media.

Create high-quality blog posts for your website. Revolve your blog around topics that improve your users’ lives. Focus on the positives.

Topics like ” 5 Teeth Whitening Tips ” or “How to Get a Healthier Smile” may encourage more readership. Also, remember to include quality photos in your blog posts.

5. Pay Per Click Ads

When you want a more precise dental marketing tactic, pay per click (PPC) ads are the way to go. PPC ads sometimes rank higher than the topmost organic links. They are more incisive and put your website closer to potential prospects.

With PPC campaigns, you can advertise on most search engines. Most ad sites have advanced targeting processes. You can now make your campaigns more relevant, optimized, and focused.

For the best results, research more relevant keywords for dentists. Ensure your ads focus on users’ pain points. For example, offer discounts if pricing is a significant concern for your customers.

Your ads should direct users to your website or landing pages with a clear copy of your offer. Ensure there’s a bold call to action to stream users to buy, sign up or book your services.

6. Maximize on Online Reviews

Online reviews can influence how customers perceive or respond to your business. If they are positive then you’ve got a potent dental marketing weapon. Meanwhile, negative reviews can leave you stressed and your brand’s image tarnished.

It’s up to you to ensure reviews work for your bottom line. 91% of customers use reviews before visiting websites or contacting a business. Google your business and respond to the customers’ reviews. Check your listings and provide specific answers and solutions to your users’ questions.

Add the reviews to your website and social media profiles. Be sure to respond professionally to both negative and positive reviews.

7. Use Videos Marketing

For dental businesses, video marketing can be highly effective. They allow you to give a realistic user experience to people looking to get care at your office.

You want to show prospects the ambiance of your dental office and display your services. Videos can take viewers from your front office to the theatre. They can also pick real-time feedback from current clients.

Video marketing provides a different angle to all other tactics. It’s more immersive and engaging than text. With the rise of YouTube, more people are leaning towards video content.

Launch Dental Marketing for Your Practice

Taking dental marketing seriously is vital if you want to grow your online presence. Given the high accessibility of dental services, it’s time to promote your offers. More online visibility of your practice gives you an edge over your competitors.

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