What’s going to help your business boom? The short answer is sales.

45% of salespeople don’t follow up with their prospects.

If sales aren’t booming in your business, the fault doesn’t lay entirely on the salespeople. The problem could be targeting the wrong audience, the funnel, the sales system, or the sales tools.

However, a salesman is only as good as his tools are accurate. It helps them the entire process.

The salespeople can understand if they are targeting the right audience if the funnel is working, and be able to track their sales. This is why a CRM, a customer relationship management tool is critical to business success.

Here are 7 sales tools that can help boost your sales team and your overall business.

1. Find a CRM System

A CRM system helps you track your sales. It gives you the flexibility to work with clients and stay-on-top of communicating with them.

CRM should include a contact management system that allows you to organize your clients by when you contacted them last. You can also organize them by where they are in the sales process.

CRM can also tell you how the quality of your leads is when you speak to them. For instance, you will be able to tell if they are warm leads or cold leads.

You’ll also have data to analytics, reports, and a dashboard.

In addition to these tools, you’ll also have sales force automation and sales forecasting, which can help you organize your clients and what you send to them.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is a professional service that’s designed to connect professionals with other professionals.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find potential clients faster and easier.

For example, LinkedIn Sales Navigator means you receive custom lead recommendations based on who you are looking for and depending on the job you are looking for.

You can also receive advanced search options to find the leads you need for your business. For instance, if you are looking for people in a certain industry and a certain job, LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives that flexibility.

If you are looking for something beyond LinkedIn and for something that brings teams together, you can look at how to use SharePoint and how it works for businesses.

3. ToutApp

ToutApp offers a lot of sales tools that make generating sales that much easier.

You can create email series, track emails, set calendar meetings, set reminders, much more using the ToutApp. It’s the perfect automation system for your business and your sales team.

It also gives you the opportunity to follow-up without forgetting.

Another great feature that comes with ToutApp is that it auto-syncs with whatever CRM you are using.

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a specific sales management and CRM system that helps you navigate your sales process.

It offers statistics and analytics to help you improve and figure out how your sales are performing.

It also has sales reporting, email integration, tracks records, and sees where you can improve in your pipeline.

Pipedrive also integrates with email service providers like Mailchimp and Zapier. If you’re using multiple sales tools, Pipedrive gives you the flexibility to work with other tools.

5. InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft organizes all your sales activities. It automatically sends emails and reminders to consumers. It also integrates with QuickBooks.

This software is perfect for small businesses that don’t have the time to manage small tasks or record data. InfusionSoft can help small businesses keep track of sales data.

Another helpful feature of InfusionSoft is that it creates custom quotes and keeps your pipeline organized without much of your involvement.

Ultimately, InfusionSoft helps you save time while you capture more leads and more sales.

6. Zoom

Zoom is perfect for online customers and business meetings.

You can schedule meetings with potential buyers over video or voice chat with one another like any other phone call.

Zoom also allows you to schedule and send reminders to your clients on upcoming calls, as well as host presentations and have people watch what you present, which would also include webinars.

Another feature of Zoom is that it offers group collaboration. You can easily have a video conference with your sales team to discuss ways to improve the sales system.

Zoom videos are HD quality and allow listeners to clearly hear the speaker.

7. Calendly

You are going to need a calendar to speak with future buyers. As potential buyers pass through your funnel, they will need a scheduling tool that allows them to speak to someone on the sales team, which is why Calendly is so effective.

Calendly gives you the opportunity to schedule meetings based on your availability.

Clients can also schedule meetings based on the appointments you have set up on Calendly. For instance, prospects may see something like, “30-minute call” or “1-hour marketing plan.” They show the prospect what they are scheduling.

If you decide to opt for the business plan on Calendly, your team will have the option to create their own schedule.

Finally, Calendly also gives you analytics and tracks scheduling activity for any campaign. For instance, you can see if one day works particularly well for your consumers when they schedule a call.

Overall, these sales tools can help keep your team organized when they talk to customers. It can help bring in more leads than you know what to do with.

Sales Tools Help You Organize Your Team and Your Business

While sales tools don’t actually perform the sale, they do give you the tools to do a better job. They give you the opportunity to figure out what you are doing wrong and how you can do it better.

These sales tools can improve your business ROI and give the sales team more flexibility on what to use when they are tracking sales. There are more analytics and data to look at to figure out how to make more sales.

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