Remote working from home is good for positive work habits. You get all of the benefits of a normal day to day without any of the cons. If you’re looking to make a switch, here are the biggest reasons why it makes sense.

1. Work Friendly Setups

SIP Trunks have made the installation costs of each individual work computer a drop in the bucket for businesses. Their beefy computers will handle all of the work. Your own computer doesn’t even need to be from the current year! A BYOD setup will give you full access to a powerful desktop through VMware. This is a great reason to work remotely and make use of a spare desktop or laptop.

2. Better Pay

This was not the case before, as remote working positions were lacking in the pay department. Over the last year, remote working positions are some of the better paying in many leading industries. Low pay is no longer a con you can associate with top remote positions. So, if you have the option to stay home for the same pay, which is the better choice?

3. No Commute

For most people, this is the biggest reason to do remote work. Sitting in traffic can easily take up multiple hours a day. The cost adds up, even when gas prices are at their lowest. You can’t predict traffic jams, but you can predict the time you will roll out of bed and walk into your home office.

4. Set Your Own Schedule

A consistent work-life balance is easy to master when you make your own schedule. Remote work doesn’t have the same mandatory time restrictions as in office work. This is an incredible boon for workers that have to schedule work around their family or hobbies.

5. Taxes

If you’re a remote employee that works as an independent contractor, enjoy the tax breaks! Your home office is a resource during tax time. Take advantage of the tax break, and continue to grow your business. Remote workers come out on top with their taxes in the first year, and still enjoy smooth sailing each successive year.

6. Better for Your Car

Wear and tear on a car have driven many employees into bankruptcy. There is a reason new car leases require you to estimate the daily, monthly or yearly commute. Those miles add up, and with each mile the value of your car goes down. Save your vehicle with a remote job, and use the leftover miles for some actual traveling.

7. Give Your Purchases Value

There are plenty of workers that are forced to use their company’s old and slow hardware. After a long day of work, they come home to an incredibly luxurious home setup. On the surface, it seems like a waste that employees can’t use their powerful computers for work related tasks. As a remote worker, you can put that expensive hardware to good use. This increases productivity while simultaneously lowering worker frustration.

A Strong Connection

You can do fantastic work without being tied to a specific area. Teams collaborate from all over the world, so communication will always be the biggest factor. Stay professional, and remote work will always have a place in any industry.