If you understand anything about SEO, you probably already know the value of quality backlinks. Backlinks are one of the components that can help your website rise to the top of the rankings when internet users search using keywords and phrases related to your niche.

You can contact the best guest posting services if you’re looking for some relevant guest posts to help your website gain more traffic. You should also pay attention to backlinks, though.

Let’s talk about some ways to build quality backlinks that will help your blog get the attention it deserves.

Look at Referral Sources

Referral sources are sites that link to your blog, offering you a backlink. You should pay attention to the websites that do this, especially ones that see a lot of traffic.

To learn your referral sources, you can use analytics tools such as Google Analytics. When you do that, you can see which websites are linking to your blog. By browsing those sites, you can see what kind of content they like. Then, you can create more blog content that matches that description.

Google Search Console Reports

You might also use the Google Search Console reports as a way to attain backlinks. You’ll want to look at the Top Linking Sites report.

You can look at the sites that linked to you in the past and see which of your posts they liked. Then, you can do follow-up blogs on those same topics. That’s likely to get you more backlinks.

Send Outreach Emails

You can send outreach emails to any sites that did a backlink to your content already. You can ask them if they’ll do another backlink to you if you write a blog about a specific topic in which they have an interest.

Competitor Spying

You can also use analytics to see what backlinks competing sites are getting. Then, you can write similar content to what they’re producing. This is not unethical, provided that what you write is different enough from what your competitors are creating.

Create the Best Quality Content

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but one proven fact that remains regarding SEO is that the most unique and compelling content is most likely to get backlinks. Try to come up with topics within your niche that are the most fascinating and the most worthy of earning those links.

Use Broken Links

If you look at competing sites and run an analytics report on their backlinks, you may notice some broken ones. Contact the websites to which the link connected when it was working. Then, contact that site and ask them if you can replace the competing website with your own.

Use Infographics

Infographics include charts, graphs, and other visual elements. They are also more likely than text to get backlinks.

Try to find places where it makes sense to include a visual element in your posts. They are likely to gain you more backlinks than words alone.

These techniques should get you the backlinks your blog needs.