The virtual private network, most commonly termed VPN, is a service or platform that ensures your safe data surfing. VPN connects your device, let it be a computer, mobile, laptop, etc., to a separate server. In this article, I’ll go into the details regarding functions and working of VPN. I’ll also explain the benefits that you will obtain through the VPN.

What is a VPN?

Before going into the depth of a VPN, I would like to shed some light on internet traffic and security. Whenever you search something on your device through the internet, all the traffic flow between your device and the internet can easily be intercepted by anyone with the right tools. This can be your internet service provider, hacker, your employer or even government agencies. Using open or password protected wifi also exposes you to that vulnerable situation of data exposure.

Now here is how VPN overhaul this cringing situation. When you use a VPN, the internet traffic flows through a remote server, letting it be a computer somewhere else in the world. So, it’s like you are using someone else’s computer. Meanwhile, the information between your computer and the internet is transmitted via an encrypted tunnel. This encrypted tunnel holds the information in a context that is ambiguous to all unknown sources, and only your computer can intercept the information. So this is how you can surf safely without imperiling your data.

Why you need a VPN

VPN is not a must-have for all internet users, but certain risks you may run by as a consequence of not opting for them. When ISP s sells your data that includes your search history, you got targeted ads ( which is not much of a threat). Also, your whereabouts can easily be determined by the IP address, which is your computer’s location. However, it is masked by putting the VPN into service.

In some cases, you may be vulnerable to more significant threats; for instance, if malicious parties get hold of your data history. By maneuvering the right tools, your bank account details, passwords, and all other personal details can conveniently be intercepted by them. Such frightful circumstances can be withheld by playing for VPN. Also, with the use of VPN, you get access to content that is restricted in your company.  Therefore I would highly recommend that you go for highly efficient VPN servers like Surfshark that will bulwark you against all the malicious malware.

Benefits of using VPN

So far, we have learned that a VPN creates a tunnel between your remote server and the VPN server; thus, you can maintain your anonymity while internet surfing. Here are a few benefits that a VPN can help you attain

• While internet searching you are an anonymous user and your location will not be visible.

• With the use of a VPN, you can fortify your device and personal information from cyber attack and prying eyes. Thus VPN provides a harbor against hackers, government surveillance and malware.

• VPN allows you to unblock any site from anywhere, that includes all the streaming services as well.

To put an end to this discussion, I would say that you are not doomed if you are not using VPNs, but at the same time, you are putting your security at risk. Also, you are exposing yourself to content censorship, which can be circumvented by preferring VPNs.